How Metal Pallets Differ from Wooden Pallets?

Packaging has become an important and integral parts of every industry across the globe. Increase in the demand for the safe transportation of goods probably increases the demand for pallets. Pallets are an integral material handling system that allows easy forklift access to all types of goods. They are available in various types; however, wooden and metal pallets are the most popular among all. Sometimes it can be difficult to choose which one best suits your needs. Metal pallets are especially designed to replace wooden pallets as they have benefits which wooden pallets do not offer. Here we are differentiating these two pallets. What advantages metal pallets offer over wooden pallets?

What Makes Metal Pallet More Popular Than Wooden Pallets?

Various advantages of metal pallets have contributed to their popularity. These pallets have been designed to replace wooden pallets. Here are few parameters stating why metal pallets are better than wooden pallets:

  • Definition: Pallets can be constructed from various materials such as wood, metal and so on. Wooden materials offer the strength and low up-front cost to fit any warehouse needs. These pallets are easily recycled and might offer various advantages, but they have their certain limitations. If your business needs long-term durability then metal pallets are a better choice. Metal pallets can withstand natural elements such as UV rays without rotting like wood. These pallets will not burn and can function over the widest range of temperatures.

  • Working With ASRS Equipment: Wooden pallets are not designed for the Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS) environment because they rack out of the square, whereas, metal pallets are suited for working in the ASRS environment. These pallets work smoothly on the conveyor belts.

  • Safety: Wood pallets offer lower safety as compared to metal pallets. These pallets are easily contaminated and breakable. Wood pallets also cause splinters and protruding nails. Metal pallets offer excellent safety. Basically, metal pallets such as steel and aluminum are rust-resistant through the entire thickness of the material. They are corrosion-resistant in harsh environment.

  • Repair and Maintenance: Wooden pallets can be easily repaired and maintained. However, metal pallets offer long-term durability than wooden pallets. These pallets are virtually maintenance free and come with a certain number of years of guarantee from the manufacturers.

  • Design Flexibility: Wooden and metal pallets come in various shapes, types, and sizes. The beauty of both the pallets is in the way they are constructed to form a structure that is capable of facilitating the movements of goods.

  • Climatic Impact: Metal pallets are strong enough to withstand the rigors of tough environments. They are quite adaptable to any climatic condition except for hot climate. However, at mild and low temperature they offer good resistance. Wooden pallets stiffen in cold climatic condition; however, you can’t see any changes in these pallets in mild and hot weather conditions.

  • Cleanliness: Metal pallets are easy to clean and excellent for all cleanroom applications. On the other hand, due to frequent breakages, splinters, harbor bugs, fungus wood pallets are never preferred for a clean environment storage solution.

  • Fire Hazard: The metal pallet will not burn which means they are completely fireproof. The wood pallet can easily burn and add as a fuel to the fire.

With due consider

ation, you will get to know which pallets are more suitable for your warehouse. High-quality pallets are widely chosen based on the benefits they offer. Would you like to have customized metal pallets at your facility? SPS Ideal Solution is a leading player in providing innovative material handling systems. Metal pallets are among the fastest moving products in our inventory.

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