Learn About the Essential Pre-Repair Pallet Rack Inspection Tips

The pallet racks are used for storing different items in industrial storage facilities. The durability and performance of pallet racks impact the overall efficiency of material handling and inventory unit of an industry. That is why any possible defects in the pallet rack system should be repaired in order to prevent failure. However, to perform repair and maintenance of the industrial pallets and racks, defect identification is essential. This is done by inspecting the pallet rack system for different potential areas of defect or failure. If in case you are not aware of the inspection process of pallet racks, this pallet rack inspection guide is for you. This post offers a pallet rack safety inspection checklist that should be followed as a pre-repair activity for error and defect detection.

Pallet Rack Inspection Guidelines

Performing the pallet rack inspection is essential to prevent losses in different ways. It helps in identifying defects, and enhances safety as slight defects in the pallet rack systems can cause abrupt failure. To prevent such accidents and reduce the scope for failure, the following pallet rack safety inspection checklist should be followed.

  • General Inspection: A visual inspection must be performed to check for surface defects, rusting, hotspots, etc. A detailed corrosion inspection must be done as the material under the layer of rust may be weak.
    • A visual inspection for paint conditions must be done. Scrapped spray paint exposes the metal to moisture, dust, and dirt which eventually results in rusting.
    • The alignment of racks & pallets must be visually inspected or instruments like T-squares can be used to check for any deflection in alignment.
  • Uprights Inspection: The uprights are load-sustaining vertical frames in industrial metal pallets and rack systems. These frames hold the vertical load of products stored on them. The inspection of uprights must be done for bends, cracks, etc. A slight defect in the uprights can drastically reduce the load-carrying capacity of metal pallets.
    • The column protectors should also be inspected for damage, as defects in these accessories can affect the efficiency of an industrial rack system.
  • Beam Inspection: The horizontal beams are designed to sustain the load of stored products. Hence, these beams are prone to bending and dimensional deflection over the span of usage. Over bending can cause cracks, and breaking of the material if overlooked. To prevent it the beams must be tested for bending, cracks, and deflection in alignment.
  • Joints and Connections Inspection: The industrial pallets and racks are installed by using multiple joining mechanisms such as weld joints, bolt-ins, etc. Over the time of application, the joints are prone to loosen and detach. If overlooked sudden failure of the entire industrial pallets system may occur. That is why the joints and connections should be tested properly.

Additional Pallet Rack Inspection Tips

The following additional pallet rack inspection tips can be helpful in enhancing pre-repair inspection.

  • During pallet rack audit, follow Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) guidelines to perform effective industrial pallet rack system inspection.
  • Check for the condition of secondary components like baseplates. Each component must be tightened to sustain the load.
  • Check for uniform load distribution and load-carrying capacity of the pallet rack system.
  • Inspect the condition of the flooring on which the pallet rack system is placed. Slippery floors are one of the reasons behind warehouse accidents.

Now that all the guidelines for pallet rack inspection are discussed, it is essential to source quality pallet racks. SPS Ideal Solutions offers industrial pallet racks in different specifications to meet your application requirements. Made of high-quality stainless steel, these metal pallet racks are designed to offer several years of service. The experts at the company will work with you to design steel pallets for your facility, which further adds to the quality of these storage structures.                                                                                                                                                                                  


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