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Movable Storage Racks

Mobile shelving units are special types of storage units that are designed to maximize the use of space in a warehouse or storage area. The movable storage racks are essential to make the best use of available space, and they can achieve it easily. SPS Ideal Solutions manufacture industry-grade, durable storage racks, with space saving capabilities. Our products will give you an opportunity to double the storage capacity of a given area.

Benefits of SPS Movable Storage Shelving Racks

The following benefits of SPS movable shelving racks make them popular among our customers.

  • Sturdy Construction: Our portable storage racks are manufactured from steel and other durable materials, which makes them ideal for harsh environments. Also, they can meet complex stocking requirements.
  • Ideal for Storing Slow Moving Parts: There are fast moving and slow moving parts in every storage facility. Some parts are not required as often as others, which means they can be moved on movable shelving racks. By doing so, business owners can easily make room for fast-moving parts on industry shelves.
  • Allows Quick Access: The storage rack can be easily removed from its single or stacked location for positioning on assembly lines.
  • Versatile Storage Options: Our movable storage racks can be used to store anything from components or finished goods.
  • Folding or Rigid Design: when the rack is designed to folded it is easily folded and stacked on other racks. This provides a very significant reduction in the floor and vertical space occupied in the warehouse.

Typical Uses of Movable Storage Racks

The following are some typical uses of movable storage racks:

  • Vehicle components
  • Industrial components and products for production line assembly
  • Assembly parts for military vehicles
  • Rolled materials or substrates used to laminate
  • Agricultural equipment manufacturers

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