Warehouse Pallet Racking FAQ’s

Do you have questions about Warehouse Pallet Racking? We are here to help you with answers. Following are a few of the frequently asked warehouse pallet racking questions, built to answer some of the most common questions we hear from our customers. If your question isn’t answered on this page, please don’t hesitate to call us at +1-585-738-5454 or email us at info@spsidealsolutions.com. Our Pallet Rack Specialists are ready to help!


1. How long will take for a design for my item?

  • Once we have the information on your product we will have a design to you within a week.  For special like engines we will need your CAD drawing for us to work around in our Solid Works design program.


2. What information is needed to have a custom rack designed?

  • Length x width x height, along with weight for typical applications such as:
    • Rolls of material, steel, aluminum, or flexible packaging film with defined sizes and weights.
  • Loading – unloading methods, access for fork trucks, or pallet jack on 2 or 4 sides
  • How many would you like to stack in your warehouse?
  • Are there any automated operations in your system?


3. Do you have stock sizes of our shipping, moving, storage racks?

  • All of our production is for custom builds to meet our clients exacting needs.


4. How do you confirm the design will hold the weight?

  • The Solid Works CAD that we use for design modeling, has a finite testing module.  The module allows us to apply vertical loads of stress to the entire model.  We apply specific loads to the contact- supporting beams that are critical to safely handling the load.  This module tests the beam strength for lifting as well. 


5. Can your racks fit into my existing warehouse storage racks?

  • Yes, since everything we build is custom.


6. Do you lease racks?

  • Yes. SPS Ideal Solutions offers industrial shipping racks leasing option to help their clients find viable solution for shipping on wood end boards and wood pallets. The lease options are available for various designs of racks. We offer flexible payment options available with our financing partners. For more information on leasing option, click here Why lease industrial shipping racks?


7. Can you repair damaged racks?

  • Yes, At SPS Ideal Solutions, we provide end-to-end repair services for industrial racks and containers. our repair services are designed to meet all types of requirements, from minor repairs, component replacement to complete overhauls. For more information on repairing service, click here Industrial racks and containers repair services


8. Are your racks made in USA?

  • At SPS Ideal Solutions, our racks are made from superior quality USA made steel or Aluminum to best fit your needs and cost constraints.


9. Do you have used racks available?

  • No. We do not stock used racks.


10. Will you provide a drawing of the design for my item?

  • Yes. At SPS Ideal Solutions, our experienced engineers utilize the most precise and accurate CAD programs to provide a drawing of the designs of your item.


11. Would your custom racks be a good and suitable option for warehouse storage?

  • Yes. At SPS Ideal Solutions, we can manufacture custom types, sizes, and material of construction shipping racks to fit your warehouse storage needs. Available in adjustable heights to fit all size products with clearance. All our racks are precisely manufactured using premium quality metal building material and advanced technologies under the supervision of industry experts to safely ship and store manufactured components or finished products.


12. We have robotic interface on our production line, will your racks be accurately built and not create equipment jams?

  • Yes. At SPS Ideal Solutions, tolerances for interfacing with robotic handling are readily designed and manufactured. Our racks are accurately built and will not create equipment jams. Robotic parts on assembly lines provide reliable integration.


13. How high can I stack your racks on top of each other?

  • The racks can be stacked to a specific height based on some factors such as rack condition, weight of the load, height clearance and capability of the warehouse forklifts. Our qualified engineers will help you to get the precise number to stack racks on top of each other. For more information on stacking regulations, click here OSHA regulations for stacking pallets


14. How much weight can your racks hold?

  • It depends on the load beam capacity and upright capacity. Our qualified engineers will help you to get the precise weight calculated by CAD drawings that show the specific configurations you are installing.  We have built racks to handle 30,000lb steel coils, stacking 3 high.