Storage Containers

Industrial storage containers are one of the immensely useful material handing units that guarantee safe storage and transportation of goods and materials of all types. The containers make the perfect storage system, whilst also helping you save your valuable floor space. By choosing the right kind of storage containers, you can not only organize a warehouse and improve its appearance but also make its operations run smoother and more efficiently. Being a leading provider of material handling units of several kinds, we at SPS Ideal Solutions, offer a rich portfolio of storage containers that are known to meet your diverse demands of goods/materials storage. Ideal for use across the manufacturing, factory, distribution and retail process, our range of innovative industrial storage containers achieve your storage needs at reasonable, affordable prices.

Types of Storage Containers we offer at SPS Ideal Solutions

At SPS Ideal Solutions, our range of industrial storage containers are designed after carefully examining the material storage requirements of warehouse, factory or other industrial set ups. To meet the diverse demands, we have manufactured the following types of storage containers by following the set industry standards and guidelines.

Portable Storage Containers


Portable storage containers are designed to act as temporary or permanent storage solutions for diverse items. These containers are great ways for offices, commercial, and industrial organizations, to...

Collapsible Steel Containers


Effective warehouse storage is one of the main concerns in several industries. To address this concern, different types of racks are being developed by rack manufacturers. There is a large variety of ...

Custom Metal Containers


The metal storage containers are used in various industries for material handling, shipping, and storing applications. The containers can be used for storing aerospace tooling or other industrial prod...

Benefits of SPS Ideal Solutions Industrial Storage Containers

Storage containers are usually put to application in environments prone to heavy impact, corrosion or similar other unfavorable situations. The containers, we offer at SPS Ideal Solutions, are made ruggedly to stand up to everyday use. Following are the other features that add to their popularity in the marketplace;

  • These portable and movable containers are designed for easy transportation of goods to desired locations.
  • The offered industrial storage containers require a minimal maintenance to offer long-lasting utility. 
  • Provided in space-saving designs, the containers permit easy and convenient clean-ups. 
  • Ideal for short-term, as well as long-term storage, they provide a safe and secure storage option for a variety of heavyweight stocks.
  • Available in a variety of sizes, the storage containers are skid-resistant, which in turn help prevent accidental falls. 
  • They are manufactured to be safe from moisture and inclement weather.  
  • Our storage containers can be customized with efficient locking mechanisms such as tamper-proof lockboxes to provide added safety and security to the items stored.
  • They are powder coated to improve aesthetic appeal. The finishing also prevents the creation of mold, mildew, and condensation. 

Where are they Used?

These flexible, convenient, and affordable storage solutions have seen action in various applications.  Used by almost every industry you can think of, they make a valuable investment to your facility. At SPS Ideal Solutions, we have been supplying several makes and models of storage containers to construction, military, automotive, government, education, healthcare industries to store or transport items such as:

  • Building Supplies
  • Construction Tools and Equipment
  • Vehicles and Equipment (Cars, Tractors, Lawn Mower, ATV)
  • Renovations/ Repairs Materials
  • Seasonal Supplies
  • Document and Records
  • Extra Inventory
  • Yard Maintenance Equipment
  • Athletic and Band Equipment

With the world-class design, manufacturing, distribution & after sales support, the team here at SPS Ideal Solutions brings you efficacious and the finest quality material handling solutions. Explore the inventory to choose the best that rightly suits your needs.