Foldable Steel Container End View

Collapsible Steel Containers

Effective warehouse storage is one of the main concerns in several industries. To address this concern, different types of racks are being developed by rack manufacturers. There is a large variety of racks available on the market. Each type of rack has its own set of properties, beneficial features, and applications. One such most widely used rack type is the collapsible steel containers. If you have a tight budget, then you can go with these folding shipping container, as their purchase price is considerably lower as that compared to the ordinary containers. Additionally, collapsible shipping containers are useful in terms of optimal utilization of space, especially after the cargo is unloaded from the ship. Made using the highest quality stainless steel, these containers can withstand moisture-laden and other harsh work environments. SPS Ideal Solutions is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of collapsible shipping crate in a variety of specifications and capabilities.

Beneficial Features of Collapsible Steel Containers

The collapsible containers have become the most popular storage solutions in most industrial warehouses. This is because of the beneficial features that they have. Here are some features that make these steel storage containers highly preferred:

  • Foldable Containers:

    This is one of the key benefits of these folding shipping containers. They can be folded, when not in use. Also, these foldable shipping container can be stacked depending on the requirement. This not only helps save a lot of warehouse space, but also a considerable amount of money on return shipping. 

  • High Load-bearing Capacity:

    These foldable shipping container have the capability to hold heavy loads. You can store loads weighing as high as 5,000 Besides this, the containers can be stacked up to 5 high. Higher load weights have been designed for custom projects.

  • Exceptional Durability:

    The floor of these metal shipping containers is mounted on a heavy-duty tubular base made from steel. In addition to this, the sheet metal sides are extremely strong and durable.

  • Various Sizes:

    Depending on the storage requirement, you can choose from a wide range of collapsible - foldable shipping containers that are available with us in a variety of sizes.

  • Drop Gate Feature:

    We have the capability to manufacture custom metal shipping containers, which have one drop gate on their either sides. The drop gate allows easy access to contents of the container, and is specifically helpful when the container is stacked.

  • Finish:

    We also provide high-quality collapsible shipping containers in custom designs. All steel storage containers are powder coated that improves their aesthetic appeal, and durability.

  • Efficiency:

    The overall storage density is increased by using these containers. Also, these collapsible containers have an amazing handling efficiency.

These metal shipping containers are indeed a helpful storage solution for your warehouse operations. Along with offering a space-saving solution, these foldable containers are more durable, and versatile as compared to the ordinary ones. If you have any requirement related to collapsible shipping containers or foldable containers for your warehouses, then you can request a quote from us.