Coil Racks

Metal Coil Portable Storage Container

Fabricated specifically for shipping metal coils, the competition simply cannot hold up to our USA Steel framed coil racks.

The skinned exterior completely encloses your metal coils and protects them from accidental impacts and punctures.

This enclosure creates an ideal portable storage container that is protected from the basic elements and other materials.

Our coil racks are specially designed to provide easy stacking with unique pins built into the corners of each frame and creates an ideal industrial storage solution whenever the warehouse floor space is limited. The skinned exterior completely encloses your metal coils and protects you from accidental impacts and punctures. We also offer heavy duty coil racks which are designed for heavy loads. Our heavy duty coil racks are made from high-quality steel and are extremely robust and durable. They are designed keeping the workers’ safety in mind.

Features & Benefits of our Coil Racks

The following features and benefits offered by our coil storage racks make them ideal storage solution for various industries where coils are used:

  • No need to strap down your cargo, our containers have integrated latches to secure your metal coils.
  • This space saving design can be stacked for maximum industrial storage capacities and preserve valuable warehouse floor space.
  • Unique Stacking pins on the corners of this frame perfectly intersects and stabilizes the underside of the frame above.
  • Our designs utilize quality steel tubing to maximize structural integrity of your steel coil racks to protect your valuable materials.
  • Metal coils are completely enclosed with a special skinned exterior to protect from accidental impacts that could damage coil.
  • The container cover splits at the mid-height location for easy access when needed.
  • A specially designed internal core helps to prevent the coil/core from hopping from cradle supports while loaded.
  • Can be designed for 2 or 4 fork truck entry.
  • Heavy duty coil racks to withstand giant and massive loads

Specifications of SPS Custom Coil Storage Racks


These are custom storage racks for vertical positions of slit coils of metal materials. They are designed to store coils from small to well as extra-large sizes. They can be manufactured to handle extremely heavy weights, while ensuring excellent product protection. Some of the features of coil storage racks include:

  • Our racks are capable of handling weights 2000 and 80,000 lbs.
  • The racks consist of customized cradles, which provide a stable base, as well as a seat for the coils to rest on.
  • We can design single steel coil racks, as well as racks to hold multiple coils of the same size.
  • The multi-racks are designed with coil cradles, structural braces, and heavy duty bolts.
  • All of the components are constructed using industrial grade steel.
  • The racks are provided with a protective powder coat finish.

Safety Measures and Load Management for Steel Coil Racks

When it comes to storing heavy and sizeable steel coils, ensuring safety is paramount. Coil storage racks are designed with a range of safety features to safeguard workers and the stored coils. Here’s a closer look at how safety measures and load management play a crucial role in steel coil storage solutions:

Incorporating Safety Features in Design:
Coil storage rack designs prioritize safety through various features, starting with secure anchoring. Racks are anchored firmly to the floor or structural supports, preventing any unintended movement or collapse. Load distribution mechanisms are integral, evenly spreading the weight of the steel coils across the rack’s structure. This ensures that weight is balanced, minimizing the risk of overloading individual components. Additionally, coil stabilizers are implemented to prevent lateral movement of coils, reducing the likelihood of accidents during handling or retrieval.

Guidelines for Loading, Unloading and Maintenance:
Proper load management begins with adhering to loading guidelines. When placing steel coils onto the rack, ensure they are positioned securely within the designated storage areas to maintain balance. During unloading, follow established procedures to prevent sudden shifts that could lead to instability. Regular maintenance checks are essential to ensure the structural integrity of the steel coil racks. Look for signs of wear, corrosion or any damaged components. Any detected issues should be promptly addressed to maintain the racks’ stability and prevent potential hazards.

By implementing these safety measures and adhering to load management guidelines, the risk of accidents and damage to both workers and the steel coil storage solutions is significantly reduced.

Frequently Asked Questions on Coil Racks

What is a Coil Rack?

As the name suggests, the coil racks are designed for stocking metal coils at a warehouse or during their transportation. These racks are designed such that they make it easy for users to find coils and retrieve them whenever necessary. Also, these racks allow warehouse managers to optimize their warehouse space, and help them avoid potential damage to coils.

What are Components of Steel Coil Racks?

Designs of these steel coil racks may vary according to customer requirements. At SPS Ideal Solutions, coil racks feature the following parts:

  • Coil Cradles: The steel coil racks feature cradles which assure a safe base and serve as a set for various sized coils. These cradles are made available in customized sizes.
  • Integrated Latches: These are designed to secure metal coils while in transit. They reduce the need for straps, which are regularly used in other coil racks for securing the coils.
  • Skinned Exterior: They serve as an enclosure for coils and protect them from severe impacts that may damage the coil.
  • Internal Core: This uniquely designed internal core of the rack helps prevent the coils from rolling out at the time of loading.

How to Store Steel or Metal Coils Using Metal Coil Racks?

How to use coil racks is one of the main concerns for users who might be considering them for warehouse storage or transporting their coils. The coil racks from SPS Ideal Solutions are designed to address several coil rack issues faced by warehouse managers. They can be used to secure lightweight to heavy metal coils, which can be easily stored three to five coils high. The racks have designated cradles for storing coils, which helps avoid damages caused to coils. Also, these designated slots make it easy to retrieve coils easily. The coils are loaded to these racks using fork trucks.

Where to Buy Coil Racks?

Although coil racks are known to many, “where to buy coil racks from” is one of the major concerns for warehouse managers. At SPS Ideal Solutions, we specialize in customized coil racks, which feature heavy duty steel construction and space saving designs. These racks are designed to secure metal coils or steel coils in standard and custom sizes.

Do you want to buy steel coil storage racks? If yes, please fill the contact form with all the important information. Our product matter expert will contact you shortly. They will understand your requirement and suggest an appropriate solution for your needs.

Applications of Steel Coil Rack Storage Systems

SPS Ideal Solution’s steel coil storage racks are used in several industrial inventory management systems. Some of the significant applications are listed below.

  • Steel and material distributors
  • Shipbuilders
  • Electronic Product Manufacturers
  • Packaging and Supply Industries
  • Construction Industries
  • Automobile Manufacturers
  • Aircraft and Aerospace Manufacturers

How Coil Storage Rack Helps Save Your Warehouse Space?

Our strategically designed coil storage systems are well-known for their space-saving capabilities. The following pointers will help you understand how our coil storage racks help optimize your warehouse space while securing your inventory.

  • The coil storage racks by SPS Ideal Solutions feature coil cradles. This offers collective coil storage and a secured cradle during stacking. 
  • The steel coil storage solutions by SPS feature vertical-stacking. The coil cradles can be stacked over each other which saves the floor space. Generally, 5 to 7 coil cradles can be stacked in these steel coil storage systems. 
  • The internal core offers security to the cradles when stacked vertically, and the side pins offer structural integrity to the storage cradle. This adds up to the vertical storage capacity and reduces the need for additional racks on the floor space. 

Why It Is Advised to Use Racks for Coil Storage?

When it comes to choosing a storage system, coil storage remains one of the ideal suggestions by industry experts. Other storage systems like pallet racks, shuttle racks, etc. certainly have their advantages but in several cases, steel coil storage racks are proven beneficial across industries. The following are a few reasons why you should choose coil storage systems.

  • The heavy duty coil racks can sustain up to 80000 lbs. of load and this high load-carrying capacity makes these systems ideal for heavy duty storage.
  • These systems are suited for compact spaces.
  • Its modular design offers organized storage and security to products. Therefore, warehouse safety is enhanced by using these storage racks. Handling storage coils becomes easy due to coil cradles. Therefore, worker's safety is ensured by investing in these storage units.

Do You Offer Leasing Service for Coil Racks?

To know more about the leasing options, please contact us immediately.

What are the benefits of using Metal Coil Racks?

  • Enhanced safety: Metal coil racks provide secure containment, minimizing the risk of accidents and injuries associated with handling metal coils.
  • Efficient storage: These racks are designed for easy stacking, optimizing warehouse space utilization and organization.
  • Protection: The enclosed design of metal coil racks shields coils from accidental impacts, punctures, and exposure to elements, preserving their integrity and quality.
  • Versatility: Metal coil racks can be used for various coil types, sizes, and weights, making them a versatile storage solution for diverse industrial applications.

What maintenance is required for Steel Coil Storage Racks?

Regular inspection for damage, cleaning, and lubrication of moving parts (if applicable) are recommended to ensure the optimal performance and longevity of steel coil storage racks. Additionally, adherence to weight capacity guidelines and safe handling practices is essential to prevent accidents and maintain workplace safety.

Are Coil Storage Racks customizable to specific requirements?

Yes, many manufacturers offer customizable options for coil storage racks, including variations in size, capacity, and configuration to accommodate different coil dimensions and storage needs.


  • Constructed using high quality steel sourced from USA.
  • Steel lasts longer than wood, making the coil racks COST-Effective.
  • Designed to safeguard the Coils during transport or storage.
  • Integrated locks hold the coils in place – no need to use straps.
  • User friendly design reduces human effort.
  • Racks are Foldable and can be stacked on top of each other.
  • Can be customized according to different Industries, Equipment, or Processes.