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Cradle Roll Racks

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As the pioneer in the industry of manufacturing racks built mainly for industrial use, SPS Ideal Solutions has provided a revolutionary solution by designing and manufacturing cradle roll racks.

Initially, industrial size rolls were being transported by wooden racks that were difficult to customize and susceptible to rotting.

SPS developed a brilliant design made of stainless steel. On introduction of this design, wood racks stopped being the feasible option. Most of the industry then made the move to the new era of productivity - guided by stainless steel racks. We have and will always solve user problems with ideal solutions- this is what we stand for, this is what we are all about.

Features of Cradle Roll Racks

This rack allows integration of several features like:

  • Compared to wooden racks and several other materials, steel racks are longer lasting and more durable.
  • These racks are compatible with multiple sizes of rolls and can stack multiple rolls, depending on the design
  • Racks are available with two or four-way entry for forklifts and pallet trucks.
  • Stress tests are conducted during the design process to confirm that the rack meets the load and durability limits of the application.

Materials Used to Manufacture Cradle Roll Racks

The following are some of the materials used to manufacture cradle roll racks:

  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminum
  • We also provide several finishing options like powder coat.

Custom Cradle Roll Racks

Cradle roll racks manufactured by SPS Ideal Solutions offer a fail-safe way to transport and store rolls. Some important points related to customization of racks:

  • We utilize cutting edge software to design unique solutions for clients
  • We ensure client involvement from the design to manufacturing stage
  • We also manufacture prototypes to perfect the design and ensure application compatibility prior to the production run

Find more information about our customized process.

The SPS Ideal Solutions Philosophy

The ideal solution to any problem is three-fold. One, we find the most promising no-frills design, which can solve all user problems. Two, we use materials that are ideal for practical use and application environment. Three, we combine the above two and create a practical design with the best materials in an economical manner. This amalgamation of concepts and practicality helps us do what we do best – provide ideal solutions.


  • Constructed using high quality steel sourced from USA.
  • More durable than wooden roll racks.
  • Foldable racks – stack them when not in use!
  • Compatible with a wide variety of roll sizes and materials.
  • Rigorous quality and performance tests conducted for each roll rack.
  • State-of-the-art equipment used for designing, manufacturing, and delivery processes.