Aircraft Tire Racks

Aircraft Tire Racks

Every aircraft tire manufacturer utilizes a tire rack to store the tires. These tires need to be stored vertically to minimize distortion, and ensure regular rotation. As with any other industry, a properly stored tire is a key to lasting and countless service in the aircraft industry, too. There are a few manufacturers who can meet the specific requirements of aircraft tire manufacturers. SPS Ideal Solutions stands tall among them. We have made a distinction by offering best quality, custom aircraft tire racks, which offer lasting performance. We are well-known for our shortest turnaround times, too.

Major Features of Aircraft Tire Racks Provided by SPS Ideal Solutions

Our tire racks are popular with several aircraft tire manufacturers due to the following reasons:

    • Large Storage Area:

      Our racks are used for storing large aviation tires, as well as standard sizes like 56" OD or 44" OD. Typically, our racks can easily hold 6, 8, or almost 10 tires, depending on the sizes.

    • Foldable Racks:

      Our aircraft tire racks are foldable. They can be stocked 3-4 high, with a fork lift. Additionally, we can also design racks that can be vertically positioned, and offer a lot of free and valuable storage space in your existing facility.

    • Easy Loading and Unloading:

      User-friendly designs have fueled the popularity of our tire racks. Over the years, we have supplied aircraft tire racks that have ramps on their sides. These ramps make loading and unloading easy.

    • Quality:

      We understand the importance of safe and secure storing of aircraft tires. Thus, we only use high quality materials for construction. All our racks are made from industry-certified materials, which help ensure their lasting performance. Although these racks may be exposed to several environmental elements, still they will remain in good working condition. In addition to a high quality material, the racks are coated with surface finishes that improve their corrosion resistance, and reliability.

    • Customized Racks:

      We can also provide the tire racks in custom sizes for large aviation tires or for your specific tire dimensions.

Usage Tips and Best Practices of Aircraft Tire Storage Rack

  • Proper stacking and organization of tires:
    Ensure that tires of similar sizes and types are stacked together. Start by placing the heaviest tires at the bottom to maintain stability. Avoid overloading the aircraft tire storage rack beyond their weight capacity, as this can compromise their structural integrity.
  • Regular inspection and maintenance of racks:
    Conduct routine inspections to check for signs of wear, corrosion or damage. Repair or replace damaged components promptly to avoid further deterioration or potential safety hazards. Lubricate movable parts, such as hinges or wheels, as necessary to ensure smooth operation.
  • Implementing safety protocols during tire handling:
    Train employees on proper lifting techniques to avoid strains or injuries. Use appropriate lifting equipment such as hoists or forklifts to handle heavy tires safely. Ensure that the aircraft tire storage rack are stable and securely anchored to prevent tipping or collapse. Display clear signage indicating weight limits and proper tire handling procedures.

By following these usage tips and best practices for aircraft wheel racks, you can ensure proper organization, maintenance and safety, ultimately extending the life of the aircraft racks and preserving the integrity of the tires stored within them.

Applications in the Aviation Industry

Commercial Airlines: Aircraft wheel racks streamline fleet maintenance by providing a well-organized storage space for spare tires. Quick access to stored tires reduces aircraft downtime, ensuring efficient turnaround times.

Private and Corporate Aviation: Tailored racks offer secure aircraft wheel storage solutions for luxury aircraft tires. This ensures the safety and pristine condition of high-value assets, meeting the demands of private and corporate aviation.

Military and Defense: Aircraft wheel racks in military bases facilitate efficient tire handling, allowing for rapid aircraft turnaround and operational readiness.

Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) Facilities: Aircraft wheel storage solutions in MRO facilities keep tire inventories organized and accessible, ensuring timely repairs and minimal downtime.

By carefully considering load capacity, dimensions, material selection and mobility features, you can confidently select the right folding shipping rack that aligns with your unique requirements. This thoughtful selection ensures a secure and efficient transportation process, ultimately contributing to a streamlined and successful supply chain.

At SPS Ideal Solutions, client satisfaction is our only priority. This is why we employ only leading manufacturing techniques and methods for developing the racks. These technologies help us design racks in close tolerances, and expedite delivery times. Are you confused about dimensions? No problem, we have a team of experts at your disposal. They will help you arrive at the right conclusion and make a better decision on the racks. You can request a quote today to avail our services.