Linear Stop Collar-1

Linear Stop Collar

Shipping rolls of materials can be risky, as slipping can cause dangerous accidents causing severe damage to the rolled material and the roll rack. Earlier, short paper core sections were used to avoid such slippage. Over the years, with several advancements in the shipping, new techniques are developed to prevent the rolls from slipping. SPS Ideal Solutions has invented one such solution for safe shipping of rolls. The stop collar is a cost effective way of shipping the rolls. It holds the material rolls and stops them from slipping.

The stop collar has a mechanical bolt adjustment, which provides an easy loosening or tightening depending on the need.

Beneficial Features of the Stop Collar

The stop collar has a number of beneficial features, which make it a must-use product during shipping. Apart from safe shipping, the following are some salient features of these stop collars:

  • They can be added to your existing roll rack system
  • Stop collars are used on both ends of the supporting roll core
  • Designs for round or square support cores available
  • The fastening bolt and nut are provided. The nut is welded to the opposite side of the open metal tabs on the ring. The bolt is inserted into the split ring tabs, and tightened with impact or socket wrench.
  • The use of stop collars help eliminate the need to cut the paper core sections required for end fillers. This further helps in the following ways:
    • It helps save a considerable amount of material.
    • Repetitive labor can be avoided by using a stop collar for the roll of material.
    • The use of stop collar also helps in saving storage and transport of the cut sections.
  • The stop collar has a narrow profile.
  • Another benefit of buying the SPS stop collar from us is that you can have it in the color of your choice. Powder coating of the collar can be done in any required color.
  • different color serves as a reminder to the operator to use and properly return the stop collar to the sender of the rolled material
  • The ring of the stop collar is light in weight. It weighs around 1lb.
  • The stop collars will work with plastic, steel or aluminum cores, still they are capable of holding the rolls firmly, and avoid slippage.
  • Heavy gage steel of 0.25" thickness is used to make these collars.

SPS Ideal Solutions has always been prompt to come up with advanced and convenient storage solutions for its clients from various industries. The go-getter attitude of the professionals at SPS Ideal Solutions has helped us achieve the success, and experience how it feels to be at the top. The new stop collar is one such innovative product that we have launched recently. The products that we provide are of high quality and available at competitive and best-in-the-market prices. We understand the importance of providing good quality products, be it racks or stop collars. To know more about the stop collars for rolls, you can contact our professionals. You can either get in touch with us via phone on 800-742-1450, or mail us your queries and requirements at You can also request a quote by clicking here.