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Econo Raptor

Steel Roll Shipper Rack Ensures High ROI

SPS Ideal Solutions is a pioneer its field. They have fabricated several types of roll racks and other industrial racks. They have designed a unique design of roll racks known as Econo Roll Raptor™. This rack is fabricated using steel.

By eliminating wood in their designs, they have made their industrial roll racks robust and sustainable. With technological advancements, these racks have specialized features that allow the user to save on operation time.

The pallets have vertical stacking tabs that align top to bottom as the pallets are stacked empty. In certain roll sizes the end panels can be laid flat on the pallet decks. The vertical tabs engage the flat end panels to prevent sliding.

When the end panels do not fit on the deck, a steel Return Crate orients the ends vertically, like a bicycle rack. Either design is ergonomically better then handling wood pallets and MDF end boards.

Designing a Customized Econo Roll Raptor™

The Econo Raptor™ is fabricated according to the roll sizes required by our customers. It is custom sized to the roll widths and diameters as specified by our clients. Using the Econo Roll Raptor™ The following steps outline how to use an Econo Roll Raptor™:

  • Position the Econo Roll Raptor™ ends on the extended material core
  • Insert the end plugs
  • Horizontally strap through the core on each side of the roll. Alternatively, you can also strap across the ends
  • Position the supported roll on the Econo Roll Raptor™ pallet
  • Strap the roll to the pallet vertical straps.
  • Strapping of cores can be performed with ease
  • When in use, the pallet deck is fully exposed for easy threading of strap

Specifications of the Econo Roll Raptor™

The specifications of the Econo Roll Raptor™ include:

(The specifications mentioned below are outlined for an 1800 lb. roll, 61″- 52″ wide x 40″│ OD, on 64″ long cores)

  • Pallet Size: 66″ x 42″ x 5.13″ Weight: 111 lbs.
  • End Boards Size: 42″ x 40″ x 1.5″ Weight: 38 lbs.
  • Material Used: Tubular Steel
  • Features laser cut components
  • 5″ of non-slip engagement surface on each corner
  • Roll width variance of 10″ is available.
  • These racks feature expanded metal pads on the top and bottom surfaces of corners. They help engage the ‘teeth’ located on the tube ends
  • The teeth on the tubular ends are laser cut to engage the expanded metal on the upper and lower corner surfaces.
  • Four Econo Roll Raptors can be stacked in the warehouse at one time
  • The entire roll rack is stress tested to ensure that it can bear the weight of large and heavy rolls in demanding situations

Econo Roll Raptor™ Compared to MDF End Boards and Wood Pallets

The Econo Roll Raptor™ provides users with 7 – 10 times higher ROI as compared to MDF end boards and wood pallets.

Econo Roll Raptor™ – designed for performance oriented business owners with sustainable material goals!

'Return Crate' For Econo Raptor™ End Panels

The ‘return crate’ provides the end panels of the Econo Roll Raptor™ with oriented storage. This trademark feature developed by SPS Ideal Solutions ensures reliable and orderly storage of rolls. Completely compatible with the Econo Roll Raptor™. The racks are powder coated for years of protection from corrosion, and will be durable for many cycles of use.

Features of the ‘Return Crate’ For Econo Raptor™ End Panels

The following features of the ‘return crate’ for the Econo Roll Raptor™ provide the user with remarkable ergonomic support, which helps him increase his productivity by a great extent.

  • The end panels are located at an angle. This allows for easy loading and unloading.
  • For additional containment, a plastic strap or stretch wrap can be used.
  • ‘Finger locating spacers’ provide a safe working environment, as well as allowing users to function better.
  • These return crates are extremely versatile in application. They can be used with a single roll raptor or with multiple roll raptors loaded on a trailer. They can also be used when empty roll raptors are stacked one on top of the other.
  • The return crates are designed to perfectly nest with the tab stack feature of the Econo Roll Raptor™.