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Handgun Anti-Corrosion Pouch

Handgun Anti-Corrosion Pouch: 8 Years of Protection

Moisture and oxygen are the key factors for corrosion. Hence, it is important to keep your guns free of moisture. SPS Ideal Solutions provides the industry's most effective firearm anti-corrosion pouches. These Handgun Anti-corrosion Pouches (HAP) are designed to keep moisture from settling on the metal surfaces of a firearm. These pouches are manufactured using a revolutionary material that increases the life of your gun by fighting corrosion. Easy to use, these pouches last a long time.

Cortec™ Technology & Handgun Anti-Corrosion Pouches

Keep Moisture & Corrosion at Bay - Improve Firearm Life & Performance

Cortec™ technology has been used for almost 40 years in military, industrial, and aerospace projects. It makes use of the revolutionary VpCI (Vapor Phase Corrosion Inhibition) Technology. The handgun anti-corrosion pouches (HAP) provided by SPS Ideal Solutions are produced using this proprietary Cortec™ technology. The exterior of HAP is constructed using heavy gauge nylon lamination that provides strength and retention of the molecules.

How Long Does the Effect Last? 8 Years

Compatibility: Sized to fit subcompact to 1911 handgun

How Does It Work?

The HAP consists of molecules floating freely inside the pouch. Once the handgun is placed inside the HAP, these molecules are attracted to the metal and settle on all the surfaces. These molecules prevent moisture and oxygen molecules from resting on the metal. When the firearm is pulled out of the bag, the molecules dissipate into the air. Hence, the gun need not be cleaned before use. The molecules used in this technology are environmentally friendly.

Features & Benefits of Handgun Anti-Corrosion Pouches

HAPs are constructed for complete coverage and protection. Some of the benefits offered by these pouches are:

  • Protects guns from corrosion
  • Long-lasting construction
  • Resistant to abrasion, tearing, and puncturing
  • Does not harm non-metal surfaces
  • It is non-toxic in nature
  • Doesn’t require protective oils and sprays to be used
  • User-friendly

When the handgun is inside the Handgun Anti-Corrosion Pouch (HAP), all the metal surfaces are protected by rust prevention molecules. HAPs constructed using Cortec™ technology, serve as the best solution to store your cleaned, lubricated handgun. It PREVENTS the metal components from rusting or corroding.

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