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Suspended Steel Roll Racks

Suspended Roll Racks - Made from USA Steel

Consider the following questions:

  • Does your company produce or work with rolled material that includes paper, fabric, thin film foil, coils of metal, foam, etc. that are sensitive to compressive setting and prone to edge fracture?
  • Do you ship materials to other plants?
  • Does your company still use wooden crates to ship roll items?

Ensure Your Material Safety with Durable Roll Racks

SPS Ideal Solutions has designed and manufactured quality steel roll racks to protect your valuable materials during storage and transport. The sustainability of steel over the reuse of wood is a significant drives many repeat customers.

Wood racks produce debris that creates a mess or interferes with the quality of a product such as in food grade manufacturing. These older style racks are un-stackable as well.

Our suspended steel roll racks easily stack, up to four high, to help increase your storage capacity while our solid steel industrial storage design allows for a clean debris free environment. These steel racks also become instant warehouse storage racks, and have an expected life of 10 years with regular use.

Designed in Solid Works, our suspended steel roll rack is custom tuned to your company specifications. This software allows our engineering team to thoroughly conduct finite element analysis methods to calculate and minimize failure inducing stresses within the structure.

This ensures all of the produced components fit and assemble consistently to your requirements. Many competitors have tried to copy our designs, but none have been able to match the world-class quality and services, including repairs, provided by SPS. Regardless if your needs are a few 1000 racks, or just 10 roll racks, we have the capacity to fill any order.

We will provide Industrial roll rack with the structural integrity to withstand the forces from loaded material and wear from shipping and stacking. Our software also fully integrates with our metal fabrication and manufacturing centers to work with our high tolerance laser cutters and automated robotic weld stations.

Customized Roll Racks for Seamless Operations

SPS has created roll racks for many manufacturing operations throughout North America and Mexico. Over 30 years’ worth of experience have provided our company with the expertise and knowledge to understand nearly all industrial material handling methods.

Roll Racks by SPS are engineered with a focus on adaptability and operational efficiency. Our commitment to customization ensures that these steel racks seamlessly integrate into the unique workflows of diverse industries, accommodating various roll loading methods with ease. We understand each company operates differently, and our customized steel rack has allowed for the flexibility of our storage racks to work with nearly every industry and roll loading method.

Our Locking Core Clamp Latch works in conjunction with the Supplied Aluminum Core to secure your rolled material and eliminate the use of straps while shipping. This aluminum core has a load capacity of up to 5000lb and has a recessed storage place on the deck when the rack is folded.

The locking hinge collar provides a safe and secure lock of the rack ends and is easily released when the rack needs to be folded. This folded rack is easily opened using a counter balance type of design. The design provides for a single person to easily upright the ends for roll loading. This eliminates the risk of back injury, pinch points or unsafe handling.

SPS’s Customized Steel Racks Can Help Save You Money and Increase ROI

Suspended Steel Roll Racks


  • Superior quality steel sourced from USA.
  • Steel lasts much longer than wood, making it cost-effective.
  • Design safeguards rolls from damage.
  • User friendly operation.
  • Easily foldable design.
  • Racks can be stacked on top of one another.
  • Can be customized according to different industries, equipment, or processes.