Stress Testing System

SolidWorks: From Design to Manufacturing & Testing

At SPS Ideal Solutions Inc., we know that our products are used in an important function of supply chain management - transportation and storage. As such, we are committed to providing products and solutions that are long lasting and reliable.  

We utilize every available process to produce the highest quality of products. From sourcing certified raw materials, to using analytical programs that help us determine the reliability of our products, performance is our priority.

Many companies use CAD software for the design of steel shipping racks. SPS Ideal Solutions, Inc. takes this to a new level by conducting stress design confirmation. The continual investment made in new SolidWorks CAD programs allows us to analyze the load capacity of stock as well as custom designed products.

Scope of SolidWorks

Stress testing on the SolidWorks program is used to assess every aspect of the design for vertical stress impact. This includes testing weldments, metal tubes, corners, joints, contact points, and beam lengths.

Stress Analysis Process with SolidWorks

The following is a brief run-through of the process followed by SPS Ideal Solutions to load test every rack manufactured:

  • The program allows selection of any point on the design. The product load on the supporting members and the framework can then be tested for stacking capacity.
  • Once the points on the design are selected, the program runs the “weighted

SolidWorks & Mixed Geometry

In this process, we compare the changes in metal deflection to the base strength of the metal being tested. All the known data regarding the load bearing capacities of various types of metal are stored in the SolidWorks system. The figures for different dimensions of metal structures are simultaneously calculated and inputted in the same system. For example, each tube of a specific material, size, and thickness requires a known amount of force to effect its collapse or bending. These figures are stored in the system allowing the software to recall or ‘remember’ the information depending on the material and dimensions of metal being tested.

Since a rack is a combination of a variety of solid, hollow, and sheet metal components like screws, beams, locks, etc., calculation of load capacity can be difficult. This mixed geometry comprises various materials, dimensions, and physical attributes. SolidWorks uses the information fed into the system to ascertain the load bearing capacity of the entire rack.

Beyond the Scope of Stress Analysis

SolidWorks is used throughout the design and manufacturing phases. In order to ensure excellent product development, we utilize this program to aid us in manufacturing parts without any defects. This machine also nullifies human error by guiding our manufacturing process to produce identical parts. SolidWorks moves beyond the scope of stress analysis and into manufacturing and product development.

More Information

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