Automotive Racks

Automotive Racks

Different types of racks are used in industrial warehouses for storing a variety of machine or equipment parts. The type of rack used depends on the product or equipment to be stored. For example, coil racks are used to store big coils. Automotive racks or automotive component racks are specially designed for managing the flow of auto parts, components and sub-assemblies. These racks are used to manage the flow between Tier 1 and Tier 2 automotive suppliers. They help in achieving Just-in-Time (JIT) delivery to the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). SPS Ideal Solutions is one of the leading providers of automotive racks.

Beneficial Features of Automotive Racks Provided by SPS Ideal Solutions

  • The automotive component racks can be stacked, or collapsed. This helps save a lot of space in a warehouse. These racks are shippable.

  • Our automotive racks allow maximum storage in a shipping container or a trailer. This helps reduce the shipping costs.

  • Automotive racks can be specially designed to stack up to 6 high in a warehouse. This optimizes the warehouse storage space.

  • The efficacy of in-house handling can be increased with the help of these types of warehouse racks.

  • Automotive component racks makes the storage of difficult-to-handle parts easy and safe.

  • These racks are specially designed to ensure part separation. This reduces the chances of damage caused to the products or equipment during shipping.

Types of Automotive Racks

Storage Racks:

Storage racks in the automotive industry, often referred to as automotive parts racks, are designed primarily for the efficient storage of automotive components and parts. These racks come in various configurations, including vertical shelving, horizontal racks and multi-level systems to accommodate different types of parts and materials.
Storage racks are essential for keeping automotive components organized and easily accessible in manufacturing and repair facilities. They help in the systematic storage of various parts, such as engines, tires, suspension components and more. These automotive parts shipping racks are designed to maximize space utilization and improve inventory management. Automotive parts racks enable efficient sorting, labeling, and retrieval of parts, contributing to streamlined operations and reduced downtime.

Transport Racks:

Transport racks, also known as automotive shipping racks, are specifically designed for the safe and secure transportation of automotive components from one location to another. These racks are engineered to withstand the rigors of shipping and handling, ensuring that the parts arrive at their destination intact.
Transport racks play a crucial role in the automotive supply chain, allowing manufacturers to safely move components between production facilities, suppliers, and assembly lines. These racks are designed with features like locking mechanisms, padding, and securing points to prevent damage during transit. Automotive shipping racks are customizable to fit the shape and size of various components, such as bumpers, doors, and windshields. Their durability and protective design ensure that automotive parts reach their destination in optimal condition, reducing the risk of costly damage.

Display Racks:

Display racks in the automotive industry are used primarily in showrooms, dealerships, and auto parts stores to showcase automotive products and accessories. These racks are designed with aesthetics and accessibility in mind, making them suitable for retail environments.
Display racks serve the purpose of presenting automotive products in an attractive and organized manner. They are often used to showcase items like car accessories, oil filters, automotive tools and merchandise. Display racks are designed to enhance product visibility, making it easier for customers to browse and select items. Their sleek and organized appearance contributes to an appealing retail environment, potentially boosting sales and customer satisfaction.

At SPS Ideal Solutions, we understand the requirements of our clients, and this has helped us in providing racks in a wide range of specifications, and features. The automotive racks that we provide are of high-quality, capable to last long, and offer efficient storage options. Also, we are known to provide the best turnaround times in the industry. The automotive component racks are available at competitive prices. Would you like to know more about the automotive racks and the other types of racks that we provide? Please contact our professionals at the earliest. We are keen to provide the best products and services to you. You can either give us a call on our phone 800-742-1450, or email us your queries and requirements at To request a quote, please click here.