Racing Tire Racks

Racing Tire Racks

The racing tires must be stored on proper racing tire racks. The racing tires are inflated at high pressure. Generally, the pressure inside a racing car tire is from 22 psi to 49 psi. Although the air inflation pressure of the tire is managed under the minimum pressure range, the pressure may increase with rising temperature. The air pressure increases by 1 psi if the ambient temperature increases by 10° C. This increased air pressure may distort the tire or increase the possibilities of failure. To avoid this, the racing tires are stored in a specific type of rack. Also, the tires often need to be transported from one location to another, therefore, at SPS Ideal Solutions, we manufacture portable racing tire racks that fit all the storage requirements. Our movable racing tire racks are provided in custom specifications, which makes them ideal for all sizes and types of racing tires. We also ensure high build quality and durability of our products.

Beneficial Features of Portable Racing Tire Racks

We manufacture the tire racks to certain specifications, and they are tested for functional efficiency, reliability, and organizing capacity. The following are some beneficial features of our portable racing tire racks that make them ideal for your storage requirements.

  • Our tire racks possess easy to organize features. These racks are made of different compartments according to various sizes and types of racing tires. The racing tires of sizes 305/670-R13, 245/660-R13, 405/670-R13, and 325/660-R13 can very well fit into these racks.
  • These tire racks are designed for single-line storage of racing tires in order to avoid compact storage. Often storage density is responsible for the ambient temperature rise due to friction between the tires, which makes lead to burst out. Therefore, by using single line storage, the damage and accidents caused by dense inventory are drastically reduced.
  • The top-of-the-line system is implemented in these racks, therefore, the tires to be used soon are stored on the top for easy accessibility.
  • These tire racks are designed for uniform load distribution. Therefore, these heavy-duty equipment do not suffer an abrupt breakdown if a heavy load is set on the top of these racks.
  • These portable tire racks are designed for portability. Therefore, it is easy to store and transport the racing tires without suffering burst out damage.

SPS Ideal Solutions is known as a reputed manufacturer of industrial storage solutions, the movable racing tire racks are one of our prominent storage solutions. In case of any queries, please feel free to contact our team. Our professionals will be happy to assist you.