Military Tire Racks

Military Tire Racks

Tires for military vehicles are manufactured in large numbers, and thus require a proper storage. These tires are stored in warehouses, for a long time. These are mostly huge tires, and so require sturdy racks for storing them efficiently. This is where military tire racks come into the picture. There are a number of suppliers, from whom you can get such racks that are capable of handling large weights of such heavy tires. However, if you are looking out for an experienced supplier, to supply the best quality military tire racks, then your search ends with SPS Ideal Solutions.

Beneficial Features of These Heavy Duty Racks

The military tire racks that we provide are heavy duty equipment that are specially designed to bear heavy weights of large tires of military buses, trucks, and other vehicles. The several beneficial features of these racks make them popular in the military industry. The following are some striking features of these racks:

These racks are an efficient way of storing large tires, as each rack has the capacity to hold about 8 to 10 full size military tires.
  • These racks are great at saving the warehouse space, as they can be folded, when not in use.

  • When these racks are in use, they can be stacked up to 4 high above one another. This allows you to store a larger number of tires in a lesser warehouse space. Thus, warehouse optimization is achieved.

  • Another best thing about these racks is its weight bearing capacity. They can withstand high weights up to 2400 lbs., when they are stacked.

  • Ramps are provided on each side of these racks. You can drop the ramps down to load or unload the racks with heavy tires. This helps prevent any possible injury caused during the tire loading or unloading process. Once the tires are loaded, you can close these ramps. The closed ramps then act as a stopper, and help hold tires in place, though there are any bumps or shakes during the shipping.

SPS Ideal Solutions is one of the most experienced suppliers and manufacturers of quality industrial racks for different purposes. We have the capability to manufacture customized racks based on your exact requirements and specifications. The customized tire racks can be used for storing tires of different sizes and weights. To know more about these military tire racks or other tire racks, please get in touch with our professionals, and we would be happy to help you.