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Industrial Shipping & Storage Racks

SPS's industrial shipping racks, custom storage racks, and industrial heavy duty storage racks are designed to safely and effectively move or store manufactured components and finished products. Our industrial storage solutions incorporate high strength molded urethane cushions and an array of other features including collapsible ends and stacking compatibility.

Features & Benefits of Our Custom Racks

The following features of our custom industrial heavy duty storage racks are being preferred for storage across various industries, owing to the following reasons.

  • Cushions are replaceable.
  • Steel plate molded cushions provide better cushion shape control.
  • Adjustable heights to fit all size products with clearance.
  • Save precious warehouse floor space with stackable compatibility when these racks are either loaded or unloaded.
  • Shipping racks can be designed to collapse for easy shipment or storage when unloaded.
  • These racks feature custom metal frames can be made from high quality USA made Steel or Aluminum to best fit your needs and cost constraints.
  • Our industrial heavy duty storage racks are durable and robust, and yet relatively lightweight to handle.
  • All of our products are designed to be easily cleaned and maintained with safety in mind.
  • Our custom racks can help effectively reduce shipping costs and increase ROI.

SPS Ideal Solutions Can Design Any Solution

Over the years, we have acquired the following capabilities, which allow us meet complex project requirements easily.

  • Over 30 years of manufacturing and industrial engineering experience
  • Precise CAD designs that are fully integrated with all of our manufacturing machinery
  • 5 high capacity laser systems to accurately cut your rack components
  • Automated welding equipment offers high quality assembly and consistency for even the largest of orders
  • We understand how valuable time is to your operation, and we work with you to provide the quickest and most effective solution for your needs
  • View our other predesigned shipping racks such as the Roll Raptor

Owing to these capabilities, we can design anything from compact custom industrial shipping racks to huge industrial heavy duty storage racks

Industrial Storage Rack

SPS Ideal Solutions (SPS), provides the best quality industrial shipping & storage racks and storage shelving units in various types, sizes, and material of construction. All our racks are manufactured using high-quality metal building materials and advanced technologies under the supervision of industry experts. These racks are used in warehouses and various other commercial organizations for storing and managing finished goods. All of our warehouse storage shelving units and storage racks are provided at cost-effective prices.

Benefits and Features of Industrial Storage Racks Provided by SPS Ideal Solutions

Today, our heavy industrial storage racks are becoming integral features in manufacturing units, transportation companies, and other companies department stores with warehousing facilities. Some of the distinguishable features that are beneficial to clients include:

  • Industrial shelving units and storage racks are designed with their space saving designs. All of our heavy duty storage racks can feature foldable designs, which provides for significant consolidation of folded racks. Same size racks can be easily stacked when loaded or empty.
  • All our industrial storage racks are produced from made in USA steel, or aluminum
  • All our storage racks and storage shelving units are easy to clean. This allows for easy maintenance, whenever required.
  • All our racks and storage shelving units for industrial applications are designed by keeping users-safety in mind.
  • Our heavy duty storage racks and storage shelving units allow easy access of stored products. This is important for the busiest warehouse setups as it increases productivity, and minimizes time wasted on finding items. Also, the easy access is important for warehouses where forklifts are used to move products on storage shelves.
  • SPS industrial shelving units and storage racks allow organizations to utilize the space efficiently. These storage shelving and storage systems allow vertical installation, which helps in effective inventory as well as space management. With such a wide variety of storage racks, you can easily select the perfect option for your inventory and warehouse.
  • At SPS, we conduct rigorous FEA testing to calculate load stresses to reduce structure failure.

Do you want industrial heavy duty storage racks or industrial shipping racks in custom specifications? Our experts can help you. They will work with you to understand your requirements and provide you the right solution.


  • Constructed using heavy duty steel.
  • State-of-the-art lasers used to cut the racks precisely.
  • Automated production systems ensure high levels of accuracy.
  • Folding design allows racks to be stacked on top of one another.
  • Can be customized according to different industries, equipment, or processes.