SPS provides various type of industrial storage and shipping racks.

What is Warehouse Racking?

Warehouse racking systems are organized structures, mostly made of sturdy metals, to accommodate the various parts and products manufactured, raw materials required, and the other necessary inventory. These industrial racks are not mere shelves to stock all these materials but are specially designed in various sizes, heights, weight bearing capacities, and thicknesses based on the type of materials to be stored.

Coil Racks


Fabricated specifically for shipping metal coils, the competition simply cannot hold up to our USA Steel framed coil racks. The skinned exterior completely encloses your metal coils and protects them...

Suspended Steel Roll Racks


Consider the following questions: Does your company produce or work with rolled material that includes paper, fabric, thin film foil, coils ...

Industrial Shipping & Storage Racks


SPS's industrial shipping racks, custom storage racks, and industrial heavy duty storage racks are designed to safely and effectively move or store manufactured components and finished products. Our i...

Cradle Roll Racks


As the pioneer in the industry of manufacturing racks built mainly for industrial use, SPS Ideal Solutions has provided a revolutionary solution by designing and manufacturing cradle roll racks. Init...

Movable Storage Racks


Mobile shelving units are special types of storage units that are designed to maximize the use of space in a warehouse or storage area. The movable storage racks are essential to make the best use of ...

Folding Shipping Racks


SPS Ideal Solutions has been a forerunner to change. Our folding shipping racks are no different. Witnessing the exorbitant costs imposed on businesspersons transporting empty racks, SPS developed a ...

Open Frame Storage Racks


Open frame racks are used in various industrial sectors of manufacturing to move and store components or finished items. These spacious racks provide convenient storage, easy airflow, and are affordab...

Roll Raptor


Traditional roll racks are wooden and in turn offer a number of structural problems including breaking after repeated use, limited stacking ability, and limited adjustability. SPS Ideal Solutions has...

Econo Raptor


SPS Ideal Solutions is a pioneer its field. They have fabricated several types of roll racks and other industrial racks. They have designed a unique design of roll racks known as Econo Roll Raptor™....

Linear Stop Collar


Shipping rolls of materials can be risky, as slipping can cause dangerous accidents causing severe damage to the rolled material and the roll rack. Earlier, short paper core sections were used to avoi...

Steel Modular Engine Racks


SPS has designed this 3-position steel modular engine rack stand to move engines for a major manufacturer in the recreational vehicle market. This unique design can hold 3 engines at 500 lbs each, ...



Nesting racks, also known as stackable storage racks, are a type of movable storage racks that can be stacked or nested when not in use. These racks are also known as nestainer racks and are generall...



Safe and precise stack racks are required across industries for storage of raw materials, in-process products, and even manufactured and finished products. Portable as the term implies are mobile rack...



Carpet storage racks are a type of pallet racks that can hold carpet rolls, flooring, vinyl rolls, and various long products. These racks help keep the carpet clean and free from damage. If a carpet i...

What Are the Components of a Racking System?

A typical warehouse racking system looks like a shelf with rows and columns. A basic system comprises the following:

  • Baseplates which are connected to the vertical pillar like structures or beams
  • Wire deck which is a horizontal base or surface to keep the materials
  • Row spacers in case of adjacent or back-to-back racks
  • Beams and connectors which are pillar like structures along with their connectors to form a frame
  • Shims for plumb tolerance on floors
  • Anchor bolts with which the rack remains anchored onto the floor
  • End of aisle guards which are bolt-like structures for bolting or anchoring the rack

Factors to Consider When Designing Warehouse Racks for Your Company

Check the area available and make sure you leave enough space for free movement of humans and materials through the aisles.

  • A lot would depend on the load bearing capacity you require. The specifications for heavy duty racks need to be understood. Also, proper material handling equipment needs to be used to load or unload any heavy material to avoid any sort of damage.
  • There are specific types of Industrial racks for various product categories. For instance, if you make foils, coils, fabric, or any other thin material which can be rolled, you can opt for rolling steel racks. There are specially fabricated racks for metal coils which protect them from damages, rusting, and so on.
  • There are different requirements for drive-in racks meant for transporting the material from the warehouse to the container or even used on shipping docks.
  • So, you need to know your requirements in terms of weight, mobility, types of materials, quantity and volume of materials which need to be stored, and so on. Only then the manufacturer can decide on the material of racks, thickness, height, and so on.
  • For lightweight materials, you can easily use portable racks which can be pushed back or dismantled when not in use.Also, ensure you get the right accessories as well as training to use these racks optimally.

How Using the Warehouse Racks Can be Beneficial for Your Company?

Properly designed warehouse racks can be immensely beneficial in many ways. Here are some of them:

  • They help you properly organize your inventory which saves time when you actually need it.
  • If you stock your inventory anyhow, it may result in damages or injuries to workers because of falls or breakages. So, a proper rack system is essential to prevent these damages.
  • It improves the safety levels of the workers and makes it convenient for them to load and unload materials.
  • A planned system helps save on space and offers free movement in between aisles.
  • With this system, it is easy to track your inventory and keep it organized. This will help you keep track of parts needed to be ordered, WIP parts, and the ones which need to be shipped out, so as to organize accordingly.
  • Meticulous organizing helps prevent production downtime and subsequent financial losses. Also, you don’t have to run around last moment to search for some urgently needed part or material.
  • Our metal racks are durable and sturdy and can be custom made.
  • Racking systems are affordable and a cost-effective option in the long run.

  • In case you are looking for superior quality metal custom racks, or need further details on our racks, please reach us on phone or email.