Repair Services

End-to-End Repair Services for Industrial Racks and Containers

At SPS Ideal Solutions, we provide industrial racks and containers to meet the storage and shipping needs of our clients. While we ensure that our products are durable, there will always be times when the rack may get damaged during application use. We believe it is always a good idea to repair a rack, rather than spending money purchasing a new one. Hence, to ensure that we can provide end-to-end services, we offer rack and container repair services to our clients.

Our Repair Service Offerings

Our repair services are designed to meet all types of requirements, from minor repairs to complete overhauls. Our container and rack repair solutions include:

  • Minor Modifications: We provide solutions to repair dents, or bent components. We utilize grinding and refurbishing tools to straighten out dented parts, and eliminate the dent marks. We also perform paint and touch up work to ensure that the product looks good as new.
  • Component Replacement: Unless a rack is a one piece construction, we can provide component replacement solutions as well. We ensure that the replaced component meets the dimensions and weight of the rack. We also test the product to ensure that it can continue carrying the required loads.
  • Custom Rack Redesign: Many times, after a few years of use, customers require a custom rack to be modified to meet new application requirements. We provide rack refurbishing services, where we can modify custom racks with redesigned parts. Our team utilizes brand new components like tringe corners, cross-linked foam, and welded assemblies to meet the client's requirements. We can even take a client's suggestion, and add it to the modified rack.
  • Rack Assessment and Diagnosis: Before proceeding with any repairs, our team conducts a thorough assessment and diagnosis using our advanced tools and expertise. This ensures a precise understanding of the issues at hand and allows us to tailor our Rack Repair Solutions to the specific needs of each client.
Repair Services

Benefits of SPS’ Repair Services

Here are some benefits that sets SPS apart from other organizations.

  • Our metal rack components are constructed to exact tolerances. This allows us to meet the requirements of even the most demanding applications.
  • We evaluate the damage and then provide a cost estimate. Thus, we charge only for the repair needed, without any extra expenses.
  • Our newly built containers and racks are provided with a 1 year warranty on materials, and workmanship.
  • We can also cater to specialized requirements of OEMs, and industrial equipment manufacturers.

Frequently Asked Questions about container and rack repair solutions

How do rack repair solutions benefit my business?

Our rack repair solutions” offer several benefits to your business. These solutions help extend the lifespan of your industrial racks, saving you the costs associated with complete replacements. By addressing issues such as dents, bent components, or the need for custom redesigns, we ensure that your racks maintain their structural integrity and functionality. This not only enhances safety in the workplace but also optimizes storage capacity. Additionally, our expertise in component replacement ensures that your racks continue to meet the required specifications, allowing for efficient and reliable storage solutions.

When should I consider utilizing your rack repair solutions for my storage racks?

If you observe visible damage such as dents, bent components, or experience a change in application requirements, it’s advisable to consider our “Rack Repair Solutions.” Whether it’s a minor issue or a need for a complete overhaul, our expert team can assess the condition of your racks and recommend appropriate solutions to enhance their structural integrity, ensuring they continue to meet your storage needs effectively.

How do I initiate the rack and container repair process?

Initiating the rack and container repair process is simple. If you have a damaged rack or container from SPS Ideal Solutions, reach out to our customer service team. We will guide you through the process, starting with an assessment of the damage. Once the evaluation is complete, we’ll discuss the available repair services tailored to your specific needs. Our goal is to provide you with end-to-end services, ensuring your industrial racks and containers are restored to optimal condition for continued use.


When customers come to SPS, they are provided with service and results of the highest quality, we spare no expense on using the best materials and technicians. Contact us for prices of specific OEM parts. If you would like to know more about our repair services, please email us at