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Engine Racks

SPS has designed this 3-position engine rack to move engines for a major manufacturer in the recreational vehicle market.This unique design can hold 3 engines at 500 lbs each, and the rack weighs only 225 lbs and allows for 4 way fork truck entry.This engine rack utilizes a modular mounting system that allows for removable engine mount strips and customization for different engine models. 

Features & Benefits of our Engine Racks

  • Rack tightly collapses for easy shipping returns to engine manufacturers all over the world and does not require any extra strapping during shipping
  • Collapsed rack to open rack ratio is 8 closed racks to 2 open racks. Our space saving design helped save our client money in shipping costs and exceeded their expectations
  • Ends of the engine rack articulate using our special Locking Hinge Collar that we proudly utilize in many of our designs. The upper section of the engine rack is balanced to provide an ideal center of gravity. The locking collar easily drops into place and secures the rack from collapse until the collar is removed
  • We produced over 2000 racks for this client with an engine rack weight of only 225lbs. This high strength yet lightweight design exceeded traditional wooden pallet capacities in both durability and weight. SPS utilized FEA methods to ensure our racks could handle repeated stresses and loads for many years
  • Our eco-friendly design ensured these metal shipping racks could be reused for years to come. Wooden racks were prone to quick ware and were not cost effective with repeated shipping
  • Unlike wooden pallets, our steel racks are fully stackable using a unique design that allowed the engine frames to perfectly fit together like puzzle pieces when collapsed. This effective stacking saved our client with international shipping costs
  • Designed in Solid Works and manufactured on the latest magnetic driven lasers assures repeatable the accuracy of each component. Accurate components make for welds that are straight and solid. Highest quality powder coated finish exceeds our clients' expectations