About Us

SPS Ideal Solutions has catered to a range of clients in many industries. We have dedicated ourselves to providing the "Ideal Solution" for our clients in products ranging from complex shaped automotive parts to single rolls of sensitive packaging film. Our team draws from over 30 years of industrial manufacturing and engineering to provide the knowledge and expertise necessary to provide effective designs and solutions for storage and shipping methods. During our time on the internet, we have attracted 100s of new clients. We have in turn provided quality workmanship and custom metal products able to readily compete in the world market. Our management team and work force in Hesston, KS has the capacity as a manufacturing center to produce as much or as little product our clients demand.

Why Choose SPS?

From Creative Concepts Come Ideal Solutions is more than just our company motto. SPS prides itself in its knowledge and capabilities to create any shipping or storage solution specifically for your company. Below are a few more points:

  • No project is too demanding for our experienced engineering and manufacturing staff
  • Robotic parts on assembly lines provide reliable integration
  • For over 30 years, SPS has been an industry leader in providing shipping and material handling solutions
  • Our customized designs for each client allow for low costs, improved operational efficiency, and contribute to higher ROI for your company
  • Our experienced engineers utilize the most precise and accurate CAD programs available for your designs of shipping containers and storage containers
  • We can incorporate rust protection and corrosion prevention into your custom shipping racks and other designs we build