SPS Products

Coil Racks

Metal Coil Portable Storage Container

Fabricated specifically for shipping metal coils, the competition simply cannot hold up to our USA Steel framed coil racks. The skinned exterior completely encloses your metal coils and protect from accidental impacts and punctures. This enclosure creates an ideal portable storage container that is protected from the basic elements and...

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Collapsible Steel Containers

Effective warehouse storage is one of the main concerns in several industries. To address this concern, different types of racks are being developed by rack manufacturers. There is a large variety of racks available on the market. Each type of rack has its own set of properties, beneficial features, and...

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Corrosion Prevention

Corrosion Prevention - Packaging and Chemistry

Packaging to prevent corrosion - SPS develops preservation systems to prevent your asset from rust and looking like this $ million plus Power Generator Turbine. Stored improperly outdoors the turbine was quickly becoming worthless. We feature Cortec Corporation products and solutions to develop systems that are based on the: type...

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Cradle Pallets

Custom Configurations & Designs for Optimal Efficiency

Several industries use or manufacture rolled and coiled products. This requires them to use specialized racking and shelving systems that support the weight, dimensions, and designs of such products. Problems with traditional coil storage methods is to pile them on top of each other in a pyramid shape. This method...

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Cradle Roll Racks

Use | Collapse | Stack | Re-Use

As the pioneer in the industry of manufacturing racks built mainly for industrial use, SPS Ideal Solutions has provided a revolutionary solution by designing and manufacturing cradle roll racks. Initially, industrial size rolls were being transported by wooden racks that were difficult to customize and susceptible to rotting. SPS developed...

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Custom Metal Containers

The metal storage containers are used in various industries for material handling, shipping, and storing applications. The containers can be used for storing aerospace tooling or other industrial products. These containers are preferred over other material containers due to several benefits offered by them. There are many manufacturers who provide...

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Custom Metal Fabrication

Custom Metal Solutions by SPS

SPS Ideal Solutions can do more for you than shipping racks and storage racks. Our specialized manufacturing centers have the capacity to do any custom metal fabrications. From metal storage containers to warehouse shelving, our custom stainless steel fabrications can help you with any project. Big or small, simple or...

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Econo Raptor

Steel Roll Shipper Ensures High ROI

SPS Ideal Solutions is a pioneer its field. They have fabricated several types of roll racks and other industrial racks. They have designed a unique design of roll racks known as Econo Roll Raptorâ„¢. This rack is fabricated using steel. By eliminating wood in their designs, they have made their...

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