SPS Products

Coil Racks

Metal Coil Portable Storage Container

Fabricated specifically for shipping metal coils, the competition simply cannot hold up to our USA Steel framed coil racks. The skinned exterior completely encloses your metal coils and protect from accidental impacts and punctures. This enclosure creates an ideal portable storage container that is protected...

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Cradle Pallets

Custom Configurations & Designs for Optimal Efficiency

Several industries use or manufacture rolled and coiled products. This requires them to use specialized racking and shelving systems that support the weight, dimensions, and designs of such products. Problems with Traditional Coil Storage Methods The traditional method of storing coils is to pile them...

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Cradle Roll Racks

Use | Collapse | Stack | Re-Use

As the pioneer in the industry of manufacturing racks built mainly for industrial use, SPS Ideal Solutions has provided a revolutionary solution by designing and manufacturing cradle roll racks. Initially, industrial size rolls were being transported by wooden racks that were difficult to customize and...

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Engine Racks

SPS has designed this 3-position engine rack to move engines for a major manufacturer in the recreational vehicle market. This unique design can hold 3 engines at 500 lbs each, and the rack weighs only 225 lbs and allows for 4 way fork truck entry....

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Portable Storage Containers

Portable storage containers are designed to act as temporary or permanent storage solutions for diverse items. These containers are great ways for offices, commercial, and industrial organizations, to create more space for their businesses. SPS Ideal Solutions provides various types of portable & aluminum storage...

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Tab Stack Pallets

Solution Driven Tab Stack Pallets for Replacing Plastic Pallets

Rotational plastic pallets are a well-known option for the transport and storage of different types of rolls and coil materials. They are considered to be a better alternative than wood pallets. Plastic pallets provide benefits of being environmentally friendly, resistant to fire or odors, lightweight,...

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Econo Raptor

Steel Roll Shipper Ensures High ROI

SPS Ideal Solutions is a pioneer its field. They have fabricated several types of roll racks and other industrial racks. They have designed a unique design of roll racks known as Econo Roll Raptorâ„¢. This rack is fabricated using steel. By eliminating wood in their...

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Roll Raptor

New Effective Design for Roll Racks

Traditional roll racks are wooden and in turn offer a number of structural problems including breaking after repeated use, limited stacking ability, and limited adjustability. SPS Ideal Solutions has created the ideal custom roll rack that is stackable, sturdy, and will safely store your valuable...

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