Custom Metal Containers

Custom Metal Containers

The metal storage containers are used in various industries for material handling, shipping, and storing applications. The containers can be used for storing aerospace tooling or other industrial products. These containers are preferred over other material containers due to several benefits offered by them. There are many manufacturers who provide custom metal containers for industrial needs. SPS Ideal Solutions stands tall among them. The company provides reusable and reliable metal containers that are designed to meet client's storage and shipping needs.

We manufacture custom storage containers in a variety of sizes and specifications that are capable of storing parts in all sizes, complex components, and equipment.

Beneficial Features of Metal Storage Containers Provided by SPS Ideal Solutions

Most of the metal containers provided by us are created using high-quality aluminum and steel sheets. These containers derive their beneficial features from their material of construction, as well as manufacturing techniques. The following are a few beneficial features of metal containers provided by us:

  • Excellent Durability:

    The metal containers provided by us possess excellent strength-to-weight ratio. This helps ensure the longer shelf life than many traditional metal containers. The containers require zero maintenance and repairs, which enables users to avoid long-term operating expenses.

  • Versatility:

    The storage containers made of metals are used in almost all industries right from food processing units to pharmaceutical facilities. Why? The containers made of aluminum and steel assure safety, and are ideal for all types of working environments. These containers are fire-resistant and can withstand extreme cold or hot conditions.

  • Space Saving Designs:

    Our metal containers enable businesses to efficiently utilize vertical and floor spaces in their warehouses. We can design units that are collapsible or stackable, thereby enabling maximum storage capacity. Our containers not only ensure optimum storage capacity and space utilization, but also allow easy organization.

  • Quality Control:

    We employ the advanced manufacturing and inspection technologies. We have advanced CNC machines, drills, saws, and automated welding abilities, which help us ensure precision demanded by these products. All these enable us to ensure highest quality standards. Also, our repeatable manufacturing processes help us produce standard and uniform parts.

Industries Served We regularly provide high-quality custom metal containers to the clients in the following industries:
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Distribution and Warehousing
  • Agriculture
  • Chemical
  • Military
  • Recycling
  • Rubber and Tires
  • Textile

Our well-equipped manufacturing facility enables us to provide quality turnkey solutions from welding to fabrication to powder coating. This helps us ensure excellent quality, as well as consistency. Are you looking for a manufacturer who can provide you with quality custom metal containers at competitive prices? We can serve you better. For any specific requirements, please contact us at the earliest. You can also request a quote to receive a quick response.