Portable Steel Containers

Portable storage containers are gaining popularity due to their versatility. Although made from several different metals, steel is still one of the most popular choices for making these containers due to various benefits that it offers. SPS Ideal Solutions is a leading manufacturer of portable steel storage containers. Customized solutions at shortest turnaround times and competitive pricing make us one of the trusted partners for sourcing your movable storage containers.

Benefits of Portable Steel Containers

Metal containers are popular in various industries. Among them, portable or mobile steel containers have gained immense popularity due to various reasons.

1. Durability:

This is one of the important reasons for its immense popularity. Being weather and impact-resistant, the steel lends durability to these movable storage containers. These steel storage units will remain intact in all situations. These containers require a minimal, yet regular maintenance, which helps stretch its service life to 20 years, and above. Thus, these storage units are becoming a regular choice for areas, where they may encounter bad weather elements.

2. Optimization of the Storage Area:

Provided in space-saving designs, our movable storage containers allow you make the best of available space. Although available in standard sizes, you can also order custom steel storage containers. These containers are ideal for storing your manufactured products, or other items, which need a longtime storage.

3. Transportation:

These steel containers are designed for easy transportation. You can easily load them and ship them to the desired destination. Any item loaded into these containers will be transported exactly as packed, and delivered at the storage site. This way, you don't have to invest in different transport services to secure the stored items.


These portable steel containers are designed for a variety of locations, and purposes. Portable storage steel containers are ideal for short-term, as well as long-term storage. If a need arises, these containers can be used on-site, which becomes a benefit for the construction companies that need extra storage space for equipment and tools. These mobile steel containers are also ideal for those businesses which have incurred severe damages due to natural calamities. They can easily store their products within these containers, while their facilities are undergoing renovation and repairs.

5. Security:

Mobile storage containers made from stainless steel are valued for their security aspect. These mobile steel containers can be equipped with efficient locking mechanisms such as tamper-proof lockboxes, which help ensure that the stored items are protected throughout the year. SPS Ideal Solutions enable its customers to choose from various advanced locking options.

6Self-Supporting Structures:

Portable steel storage containers provided by SPS Ideal Solutions have self-supporting structures. It means, these containers easily hosited using a forklift or a crane.

Industries Served The mobile steel containers designed by us are regularly used by:
  • Construction companies
  • Fire and flood remediation services
  • Disaster Relief Units
  • Rental Services
  • Retail Storages
  • Military Facilities
  • Government and Public Organizations

Portable steel storage containers are ideal for storing your items, which you may not need to access at all times. We can provide custom steel containers that can be easily connected to several other units. The team of experts at SPS Ideal Solutions will help you decide on the right solution for your storage needs. For more information on portable steel containers, please contact us at the earliest. You can also request a quote today.