Metal Coil Storage

Metals Industry

Ensure Complete and Stress-free Material Storage with Industrial Steel Storage Racks

The metals industry focuses on producing metal products in various shapes. Ferrous and non-ferrous metals are required in large quantities to produce different types of industrial, commercial, and residential products and components. The easiest way for metal product manufacturers to receive these bulk quantities is to have them delivered as large metal coils. SPS Ideal Solutions support metal product manufacturers by providing industrial metal storage racks to handle heavy loads as well as industrial steel storage racks for modular arrangements and optimal space utilization.

SPS Industrial Storage Rack Offerings and Features

As metal is one of the most common materials used in production, we provide different types of metal industrial storage racks for customers to choose from. Made from high quality steel, these storage racks can hold heavy weights, and can withstand harsh working conditions. Our metal storage rack products include:

  • Enclosed Coil Racks: This product is specifically designed to store and transport large metal coils. These racks feature skinned exteriors, which allow the metal coils to be enclosed completely when placed in the coil rack. Also, they are designed with integrated locks to hold the coils in place when being transported.
  • Suspended Steel Roll Racks: These racks are ideal for storing rolled metal sheets, which may suffer from compression and fractures. As the name suggests, the roll is suspended between the two ends of the rack. The roll is secured to the rack by a locking core clamp latch, which eliminates the need for using straps.
  • Coiled Cradle Roll Racks (Pallets) for Shipping and Storage : This product is another solution for storing large rolled coils of materials. The rack design consists of concave center support for supporting the coil width. Some coils are surface sensitive and benefit from high density rubber or urethane cushions, which protect the roll from damage. All applications are custom designed and we have successful designs for coils above 15,000lb. The cradle can be safely stack when empty. Independent corners are available, the corners can be rigid or foldable. The corners allow for stacking the loaded pallets vertically, improving warehouse storage efficiency.

Benefits of SPS Ideal Solution’s Metal Industrial Storage Racks

Our storage products can provide a variety of benefits to customers, as well as the materials being stored.

  • All of our racks are constructed using industrial grade steel. This makes the racks more performance driven, durable, as well as cost-effective.
  • These industrial metal storage racks have user friendly designs.
  • Most of our racks are foldable or collapsible. They can also be stacked on top of one another when not in use. Hence, you will never have to worry about the racks taking up storage space.

FAQs About Metal Storage Rack

What makes SPS Ideal Solutions’ Industrial Steel Storage Racks suitable for heavy loads?

Our Industrial Steel Storage Racks are constructed using high-quality industrial-grade steel, ensuring durability and performance-driven functionality. They are designed to handle heavy weights and withstand harsh working conditions, providing a reliable solution for storing and organizing industrial materials.

Can the Industrial Steel Storage Racks be customized to fit specific application requirements?

Yes, SPS Ideal Solutions offers customization for Industrial Steel Storage Racks. We can design racks in dimensions that meet your specific needs. Whether you require a particular size or have specialized application requirements, our team can tailor the racks to suit your unique specifications.

What are the benefits of choosing SPS Ideal Solutions’ Metal Storage Racks for industrial applications?

SPS Ideal Solutions’ Metal Storage Racks are constructed from high-quality steel, providing a cost-effective and durable solution for industrial storage needs. With user-friendly designs and the option for foldable or collapsible features, our racks are efficient and adaptable to various storage spaces.

How do SPS Ideal Solutions’ Metal Storage Racks contribute to efficient space utilization in warehouses?

Our Metal Storage Racks are designed to be foldable, collapsible, and stackable when not in use. This feature ensures that the racks won’t take up unnecessary storage space. Whether they are in use or not, the racks can be easily stored, contributing to improved warehouse storage efficiency.

SPS Ideal Solutions can design custom metal industrial storage racks for customers with specialized application requirements. We can provide them in the dimensions that you require. We also offer industrial steel storage racks made of extremely durable, high-quality steel and can be quickly installed to make an efficient shelving system.