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Open Frame Storage Racks

Open frame racks are used in various industrial sectors of manufacturing to move and store components or finished items. These spacious racks provide convenient storage, easy airflow, and are affordable. These racks are ideal for constrained spaces and limited budgets. SPS Ideal Solutions provides the best quality open frame industrial storage racks at cost-effective prices.

SPS Ideal Solutions Open Frame Industrial Storage Rack Offerings

SPS provides industrial storage racks for a variety of industrial applications. All our racks are created using high-quality materials, and welded to the American Welding guidelines. At SPS Ideal Solutions, we understand the importance of versatility and adaptability in industrial storage solutions. Our Open Frame Storage Racks, exemplify our commitment to providing reliable and customizable options for our clients. Whether you are dealing with materials, automotive components, or other industrial items, our racks are designed to meet your storage needs with precision and durability. We provide the following types of open frame storage racks:

  • Four-Post Racks: These racks feature four posts that make a solid foundation. The end posts can be individual corners that can be rigid or hinged with locking collars to prevent accidental folding. The area between the ends is configured to cradle, support, stabilize, or separate the individual items. Typical items can be rolls of material, automotive components.

Benefits of Using Open Frame Racks

Open frame racks serve in various capacities. They provide several benefits than traditional racks such as:

  • Easy Maintenance: These racks do not have walls which simplifies most repairs should the rack be accidentally damaged.
  • Lower Costs: The open frame industrial storage racks have low production costs.

Faqs About Open Frame Storage Racks

What distinguishes Open Frame Storage Racks from other industrial storage solutions?

Open Frame Storage Racks by SPS Ideal Solutions offer a distinctive advantage with their four-post design, providing a solid foundation for industrial storage needs. The open structure allows for easy accessibility and adaptability, catering to various applications.

How do Open Frame Storage Racks contribute to enhanced durability in industrial settings?

Our Open Frame Storage Racks are meticulously crafted using high-quality materials and adhere to American Welding guidelines during the welding process. This commitment to quality ensures durability, making these racks a reliable choice for the rigorous demands of industrial environments.

Can the Four-Post Racks be customized for specific storage requirements?

Yes, the Four-Post Racks are designed with customization in mind. The individual corners, which can be rigid or hinged, offer flexibility. Additionally, the space between the ends is configured to cradle, support, stabilize, or separate items, allowing for tailored solutions to meet specific storage needs.

How do Open Frame Storage Racks address security concerns in industrial storage?

Our Four-Post Racks come equipped with locking collars on the hinged options, adding an extra layer of security. This feature prevents accidental folding and ensures that items stored within the racks remain secure. This attention to detail underscores our commitment to providing not only efficient but also secure storage solutions for industrial applications.


SPS Ideal Solutions also provides a wide range of coil racks for industrial applications. To know more about any of our industrial storage open frame racks, please mail us at