Warehouse Tire Storage Rack

Warehouse Tire Racks

The tire racks are the special types of warehouse racks, which are particularly designed for storing tires of various sizes, and weights. There are several manufactures of these racks. However, SPS Ideal Solutions stands tall owing to its vast experience and expertise in manufacturing high-quality tire racks that are durable.

Different Types of Warehouse Tire Racks That We Provide

We have the capability to provide you with a wide range of warehouse tire racks, which can help you optimize the storage capacity. The following are the three main types of tire racks that you can avail from us:

  • Stacking Tire Racks: 

    As their name implies, these tire racks are stackable. You can use these racks one over the above. This will help you store thousands of tires in a smaller space. Apart from this, these types of warehouse Tire racks are most widely used by the automotive industry, as these racks offer excellent density and are extremely efficient. Most tire manufacturers prefer these tire racks for large scale tire storage.

  • Metal Tire Racks:

    These are another types of warehouse tire racks that are being used on a large scale. The metal tire racks are mainly used for storing tires, as well as rims of automobile wheels. The racks prove to be of great help in safe storage of these important items. You can enquire about metal tire racks with our knowledgeable experts, who are always on their toes to help you with your requirements.

  • Heavy Duty Tire Racks:

    The name says it all. The heavy duty tire storage racks are specially designed to handle tires of large sizes and weights. These racks have the capability to store large number of heavy tires, like those of trucks, buses, etc. We can provide you customization in these types of tire racks.

Benefits of Using Warehouse Tire Racks Provided SPS Ideal Solutions:

To list down, there are a huge number of benefits that you get by using our tire racks for warehouse . Here are some major benefits:

  • Storage Space Optimization:

    This is one of the biggest advantages of using tire storage racks. When you use these racks, it allows you to store tires of different sizes at different levels in one same rack, and thus helps you save a lot of warehouse space. In addition to this, you can use maximum space in your warehouse to store a number of items.

  • Easy to Use:

    These racks can be easily moved and stored when not in use. You can take them out whenever there is a need. The bottom line being they are easy to handle. Besides this, you can arrange the tire racks according to the tire size that they are expected to store. This will help you in storing tires of different sizes in different racks, which will further make it easy for you to search a particular tire.

  • Enhances the Overall Value of Business:

    The warehouse tire racks add value to the products that they store, which further increases the value of your business. They store the tires efficiently, and keep them strong and durable. Thus, it helps you create a good impression about your business, which will increase the business value. This will further help in increasing the productivity of storage management system.

Apart from the different types of tire racks for warehouse, we are also known for providing good quality customized racks for storing tires or any other items in a warehouse. You can request a quote for a required type of rack.