Tire Racks

Tire Racks

Tire racks are the specific storage systems that are designed to maximize the storage capacity of laced, flat, or tread tires in different industries. It is very important to have superior quality tire racks for your tires. SPS Ideal Solutions is a leading manufacturer of tire storage racks and is well versed in meeting your application needs with creative solutions.

Different Types of Tire Racks

Tire storage racks help organize your garage or warehouse. We provide the following types of tire racks at SPS Ideal Solutions:

  • Passenger tire racks:

    These tire racks are designed to store SUV, truck, and various types of passenger tires. Made from steel, these tire racks can be easily stacked when not in use. This helps save optimize the storage space in warehouse, and improve the storage capacity.

  • Warehouse tire racks:

    As the name suggests, these tire racks are used for storing big and small tires in a warehouse. We can provide warehouse tire racks for slow and fast moving tire items. These racks possess space-friendly designs, and are moveable. Our warehouse tire racks not only help warehouse owners optimize their space, but also get the best value for investment.

  • Industrial tire racks:

    There are various industrial machinery that are driven by tires such as shredders, harvesters, wheel loaders, bulldozers, etc. By looking at their size, one can understand why these tires require sturdy racks. We can custom design heavy-duty tire racks that can easily withstand rigors of industrial equipment tires. These tire storage racks are provided in space-saving designs that allow you optimize your warehouse space

  • Military tire racks:

    These tire racks are specially designed for managing military vehicle tires. Our racks are easily distinguishable due to their easy-to-access designs. This has helped our clients save enormous handling time, and avoid injuries to a large extent.

  • Aircraft tire racks:

    The tire racks of this type are specially engineered for stocking large aircraft tires. Our racks are well-known for their durability, and space optimizing designs.

  • Folding tire racks:

    We can provide folding tire racks in various dimensions. These tire racks can be stacked to three or four high and help optimize warehouse space.

Customized Tire Racks at SPS Ideal Solutions

We at SPS Ideal Solutions can design customized tire racks to your requirements. Our vast industrial experience helps us design a rack from from scratch to suit your requirement. Our team will work with you to understand your requirements, and achieve the only business goal – 100% customer satisfaction. With a vast industry experience to their credit, our team has been helping customers to make the right choice on the basis of their specific requirements for several years now. At SPS Ideal Solutions, we are committed to provide only the good quality products. This is why we use best quality raw materials sourced from reliable suppliers. Our vast industry experience helps us guide our automotive or other industrial customers to make the most appropriate rack selection. If you don’t see the desired tire racks in our selection, please feel free to call us on 800-742-1450, or mail us your requirements at info@spsidealsolutions.com. You can also request a quote by clicking here. We are happy to serve you always.