Tube laser cutting machine

Metal Tube Laser Cutting Machine

What is a Tube Laser Equipment?

A tube laser handles a stack of steel tubes, square or round from a table infeed system that separates individual tubes from the stack. The individual tube is evaluated for flatness, any bowing and the tube seam location for perfect fabrication by the laser. The laser can cut the ends of the tubing or into the surface of the tubes.

SPS Ideal Solutions and BMG of Kansas have been sourcing USA steel manufacturers for tubing with minimum bowing before the tube laser was added to the manufacturing process, for all of our fabrications.

What are the Benefits of Tube Laser Cutting Equipment?

  • Simple and important for cutting the end of the tube flat and square for perfect fabricated assemblies.
  • Adding tabs to the tube end and corresponding slots on the mating surface of an assembly. The insertion of the tabs into the slotted tube squares the two pieces.
  • The tabs and slots provide increased structural integrity at the welding area.
  • Cutting slots into a tube for a structural, movable, adjustable shelf or vertical plate.
  • The tubes can be notched to provide a cross pattern assembly option – such as used in the building of log homes.
  • All of the operations mentioned above are done at incredible high speed with accuracy of .005”.
  • Faster assembly of components required to build the finished product.