Cold Storage Racks

Cold Storage Racks

Cold storage pallet racking systems are popular in the food and beverage industries. These storage racks are used in industrial warehouses to store food items, meat, dairy products, herbs, and plants, etc. Unlike other types of storage racks, cold storage racking systems are exposed to cryogenic temperatures. Low temperature results in exposure to moisture, corrosion, etc and that is why the cold storage racking system should be designed to sustain such conditions. Certain conditions make the design and manufacturing of cold storage pallet racking systems quite complex in terms of selection of materials, maximum capacity design for storing products under -30°C to -25°C of temperature. Acknowledging the need for cold storage racking systems SPS Ideal solutions specializes in the design, manufacturing, and supply of portable racking systems for cold storage.

Beneficial Features of Portable Racking Systems for Cold Storage by SPS Ideal Solutions

The cold storage racks can be used for various purposes such as refrigerated storage, chillers, cold rooms, pharmaceutical-grade cold storage, cold plants, and herbs storage, etc. Unlike other types of storage racks, the demands of cold storage racking are compactness, high storage space, portability, and many more. Here are a few features we adopt in our custom-designed cold storage racking solutions.

  • Compact Design: At SPS Ideal Solutions, we acknowledge that cold storage racking requires a compact design with sufficient storage space. To fulfill this requirement, we customize the cold storage racks for optimum storage but compact design. We adopt vertical pallet stacking techniques to save floor space for cold warehousing.
  • Portable Racking Systems for Cold Storage: Often, cold-stored products require relocation based on the type of product and temperature zones. To ease up the process of product shifting, we can design portable racking systems for cold storage. These portable systems allow the racks, pallets, or shuttles to be ported from one location to another without loading or unloading the products.
  • Tolerance to Cryogenic Temperature: Since cold storages are exposed to cryogenic temperatures around -30°C to -25°C, the material of racks and pallets should be able to sustain such environmental conditions. We select the materials by analyzing the application requirements. We ensure that our stationery and portable cold racking systems are capable to sustain cryogenic temperatures.
  • Compatibility for Product Circulation: In cold storage, often the products are stored for a short time span. Products like herbs, plants, etc are stored for a short duration, however, preserved food like pickled products, jams, etc are stored for a long duration. Based on the product, the circulation requirements differ. That is why, we design the cold storage racking systems that are compliant with First-In-First-Out (FIFO), Last-In-First-Out (LIFO), etc product circulation and inventory management systems.
  • Appropriate Material Selection: The cold storage racks are not only exposed to cryogenic temperature but to the issues like rusting, chemical abrasion, etc too. This may result in premature damage to the cold storage racks, and pallets. Our experts select the material by analyzing the application requirements.

Design Considerations for Cold Room Storage Racks

Designing cold storage racks requires careful consideration of various factors to ensure optimal performance in challenging cold environments. These design considerations include:

  • Temperature and Humidity Control: Cold room storage racks need to be designed to withstand low temperatures and maintain consistent temperature levels within the storage area. This helps preserve the quality and integrity of stored products.
  • Load-bearing Capacity and Structural Stability: Cold storage pallet racking system must be designed to handle heavy loads while maintaining structural stability ensuring the safety of the stored items.
  • Corrosion Resistance and Durability: Cold storage racking system should be constructed using materials and coatings that provide excellent corrosion resistance. This ensures the durability of the racks in cold and damp environments, prolonging their lifespan.
  • Safety Features and Compliance With Industry Regulations: Cold room storage racks should incorporate safety features such as sturdy construction, proper anchoring and load securing mechanisms. Additionally, they should comply with industry regulations and standards to create a safe working environment for employees and ensure the protection of stored goods.

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