How to Find the Right Size of Pallet Rack?

Pallet racks are the most effective and inevitable items used to maximize your warehouse space. These material handling solutions are available in several models with varying sizes and weight capacities like door dock pallet racking systems, selective racking, push back racking or standard pallet racks. However, in order to boost operational efficiency, enhance safety measures, and maximize the product storage space, it is imperative for you to select the right pallet rack for your warehouses, manufacturing factories, e-commerce fulfillment centers, and retail locations. Choosing pallet racks with the right size holds great significance when installing new pallet racks or adding onto the existing ones. So, how do you measure a pallet rack to streamline your warehouse operations? This post lists a few factors that guide you in solving one of the frequently asked questions - how to measure a pallet rack?

How to Identify the Size and Weight of your Pallets?

To ensure a safe, efficient stacking along with compatibility and stability with your current setup, it is imperative to have the rack system with the right size. Here comes the significance of measuring that helps identify the size and weight of your pallets. How to find the right size of pallet rack? Is that the question bothering you? Consider the steps listed below to accurately measure your pallet racking systems.

  1. Measure crossbeams: Pallet racks are designed with several shelf beams that are rigidly connected to handle multiple levels of loads. Being a crucial element in the racking system, it is a must to measure the crossbeams accurately to get the length & face of beams. To get the beam length, the right method to be employed is measuring from the inside of one upright to the inside of the opposite upright. Normally, the beam length falls between 4′ and 9′ and this differs with respect to the level of customization. The next important measurement to be made is beam face, which is calculated by measuring the front of the beam from its top to the beam’s bottom. The large beam face size indicates that the rack is compatible to stock heavy loads.
  2. Measure upright frame:  How do you measure the depth of a rack? Measuring upright frames, which involve several calculations gives the depth of the upright. It is necessary to obtain the four measurements in order to precisely determine the size of the upright frames. To begin with, measure from one side of the uprights outside edge to the opposing sides outside edge to determine the upright’s depth. Although 36″, 42″, 46″, or 48″ are the most typical sizes, they can be customized to meet your specific needs. Secondly, measure the outside face and inside face of the column to get the size of the upright column and frames. The next critical step is to measure the length and width of the footplate, which functions as anchors to give the rack more solidity. After that, you can measure the overall height of the upright. You can do so by measuring from the top of the upright to the ground, or vice versa.
  1. Measure Wire Decks: Now, you have your frame depth, beam length, beam capacity, beam step depth ready at hand. It’s easier to measure wire decking if you have the correct beam and frame measurements. The only thing left is to determine the depth of wire decks. You can find out how wide it is by measuring it from one end to the other. Wire decking comes in a variety of widths, ranging from 42″ deep to 46″, and the sizes can be customized as needed.

What’s Next?

Whatever pallet racking system you choose; it is important to have the rightly sized item to support the maximum weight of the load. Measuring the unit accurately thus becomes a necessity even if you are repairing damaged components, or adding to an existing pallet rack system.  This is done to guarantee the system’s reliability in terms of structural capacity, system functionality, and safety. With the points aforementioned, you must have now got an idea on how to select the right Warehouse Storage Rack System. If you still require more clarity on how to identify the size and weight of your pallets, then, talk to an expert in the field like SPS Ideal Solutions. The company offers expert answers to all your doubts pertaining to finding the right size of pallet rack. Consider speaking to a professional at SPS Ideal Solutions to understand standard rack dimensions and measure each system component correctly.

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