Why Choose Cradle Pallets Fabric Roll Storage Systems ?

The textile industry utilizes a variety of materials to create different types of clothing. Generally, these materials are stored as rolls of various shapes and sizes. Thus, they require a particular type of shelving and rack storage system. The shelving should comprise a certain depth, allowing easy storage of various roll sizes. It should also protect the materials while reducing space.

One solution that can accommodate all the above requirements is fabric roll storage systems. Within these, one system that has caught the attention of textile clients is the cradle roll pallet.

Analyzing Cradle Roll Pallets

Cradle roll pallets are designed to provide effective storage and handling of large sized rolled materials. They eliminate general storage systems where rolls are stored on top of one another. The following points demonstrate how this system can support textile organizations.

  • Design: The design of the pallet is similar to a saddle. There are rails on the four corners of the pallet, which ensures that the roll is stored carefully. The pallet’s design also consists of rectangular openings at the bottom. This allows forklifts to carry and transport the rack easily.
  • Construction: Cradle roll pallets can be constructed out of three materials – steel, aluminum, and plastic. These materials provide advantages of immense strength, durability, and corrosion resistance. For textile purposes, the contact surface of the pallet can be designed with rubber or foam cushions to support the rolls during storage and transportation.

Additional Benefits

Besides the advantages mentioned above, there are a few other benefits that textile manufacturers can receive by using cradle roll pallets.

  • It reduces the amount of used floor space
  • The rolls are easy to use, and can store long fabric rolls.
  • The rolls can be easily loaded onto the pallet. This saves time and prevents any injuries to workers.

Textile roll storage has to be completed without damaging the roll materials. As a fabric roll storage system, cradle pallets can ensure that textile materials are in the best condition for manufacturing.

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