Why and how to Clean & Sanitize Industrial Pallet Rack?

The industrial warehouses possess one of the complex arrangements due to the involvement of pallets, racks, forklifts, and shuttles. Due to this complexity, it becomes difficult to manage the cleaning and sanitizing of these racks. There are several challenges to be addressed during cleaning and sanitizing such as loaded racks, sensitive stored items, chemically reactive components, and so on. Therefore, some specific strategies must be applied to effectively clean warehouse racks. This post elucidates on the importance of sanitizing and cleaning racks and tips to perform it properly.

How to Clean And Sanitize Industrial Pallets Racks

Why Should You Clean and Sanitize Warehouse Racks? 

Clean warehouse racks certainly have better benefits than just good appearance. The following pointers will help you understand it better.

  1. Professionalism and productivity: Optimizing the benefits of available resources is the aim of any business. That can be served by a clean, organized, and updated industrial pallet rack. A clean rack offers plenty of space to organize goods. Therefore, the overall productivity of warehouse management can be increased by basic cleaning and sanitizing.
  3. Enhances Lifespan of the Racks and Products Stored on Them: Unclean warehouse pallet racks may bring mean an early onset of disintegration. This mainly happens with metallic racks. Added to this, if the items stored include dairy food products or sensitive electronic equipment, then the quality and lifespan of such products may be affected by bacteria and moisture. Therefore, thorough cleaning of racks and pallets is important.
  5. Ensures Operator Safety: If the warehouse is not well cleaned then the clutter may cause accidents. Jammed pallets or forklifts, clogged hinges in the warehouse rack, and pallet system can damage the system, which may be hazardous. Regular cleaning of racks helps reduce the instances of injuries and workplace accidents caused due to clutter in work areas.

How to Clean And Sanitize Industrial Pallets Racks? 

As said before, cleaning and sanitization of racks must be done carefully. It is important to devise a strategy that assures maximum results, with fewer distractions. The following pointers will help you get it right.

  1. Design a Smart Schedule: Cleaning an industrial warehouse is a huge task. Big things take planning. Schedule your cleaning in a manner that you can get it done quickly. Select the days when you have the least goods on the rack. The days with no inventory action can be a smart choice to clean and sanitize warehouse racks. In the case of large warehouses, it is always recommended to do the cleaning in schedule. Perhaps, you can start with the area with less traffic while moving on to the area of high goods traffic. You can encourage staff to clean their assigned areas every day or alternate day.
  3. Consider an industrial vacuum cleaner: Sweep and clean the racks first using brush and cloth. However, this may not be effective if you are considering tiny dust particles or crevices. Using an industrial vacuum cleaner can produce better results than a manual dusting. Vacuuming racks regularly also helps you get rid of dust deposits in crevices or hard-to-reach places. Ensure that employees undertaking cleaning are equipped with PPE. The operator must use gloves, masks, etc to avoid personal infection.
  5. Install Big Dumpsters in Advance: Warehouse cleaning cannot be done without dumpsters. Cleaning a warehouse is clearly not a pick and place task. All unwanted stuff must go to dumpsters and shall never return to the stock.
  7. Prioritize Goods Through Rearrangement and Reorganization: Many times, warehouse managers fail to procure the right well when needed. This is due to poor goods management. Sorting and prioritizing the goods may not be possible on a regular working day. So, cleaning gives an opportunity to sort important and less important products. After all, your ultimate purpose behind this big cleaning must be making space.
  9. Schedule a Regular Warehouse Checkup: You would agree that warehouses are one of the high traffic areas. It is also one of the high-risk areas due to vehicles, people, and stored goods. If you ignore cleaning for the fear of hampering the workday, there are all chances of decay and allergies brought by dust, bacteria, and other allergens. Therefore, scheduling a regular warehouse checkup is important. This will help you ensure a clean workplace for staff and goods.

However, in order to be effective with cleaning, you must use a sophisticated warehouse pallet system. Good quality and organized warehouse rack and pallet systems help to declutter a warehouse and optimize its productivity. Therefore, you must source the warehouse rack and pallet systems from prominent suppliers like SPS Ideal Solutions. We offers various types of industrial racks and pallet systems in custom configurations.


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