Used vs New Pallet Racking System – Which One to Choose?

Whether you’re shifting your warehouse or expanding the existing one, investing in an appropriate pallet racking system is important. Pallet racks are essential and integral components of the warehouse or distribution center. They can be a significant financial investment if you get the right one. As the global warehousing and storage market is growing steadily, both new as well as used pallet racks have a huge demand across manufacturing units. There are significant benefits of both used and new pallet racking systems. New pallet racks allow you to customize your facility, while a used pallet racking system improves inventory management without losing out on time. Many of us have doubts in mind about whether to choose a used or new pallet racking system? This post discusses both pallet racking systems in detail.

Is It Safe to Buy Used Pallet Rack Systems for Warehouses?

Buying a used pallet racking system may help for straightforward use of similar types of products in terms of weight, size, and shape. However, ensure it is in a good condition and has the appropriate load bearing capacity you require. In used one, there may be limited scope for customization. If you buy a new system, it may cater well to the ever-growing storage complexities and may be more scalable for future expansions. Due to tough economic conditions or in case you are a new player with limited capital investment, going for a used racking system may be a wise decision. It will not only save on costs but also help start production and subsequent storage immediately upon installation. Used systems are easily available, unlike new ones in which you need to invest both time and money. However, it is not wise to buy used ones only to save money.  Although there are many advantages of using used pallet racks, including saving money, ensure you check the condition, and do not waste money on repairs and maintenance. Also, it is necessary to check the safety and warranty aspects.  

New Pallet Racking Systems: Advantages Explained

New pallet racks are a great option if your system is on the complex side and needs a great deal of customization. A new pallet racking system has several advantages over a used one. With a new one, one can be rest assured of using a non-toxic, lead-free paint substance that prevents damage. The following are some important reasons to choose new pallet racks. 

  • Safety: Due to the many hazards and risks associated with the warehouse, safety is the priority. Safety of employees, as well as inventory, is important as much is at stake. To prevent any mishaps, it is important that every employee there has a user manual and a proper instruction guide. Also, arrange the inventory considering the load-bearing capacity vis-à-vis the product weight and size. Use the right tools to load and unload the inventory. New pallet racks are labelled with the weight capacities and other important information provided by the manufacturer. Thus, employees know the exact weight to be stored on the racks. Unlike used pallet racks, you can assure that the new system has updated codes and is safe to use.
  • Increased Storage Capacity: The new pallet racks can be customized and designed to suit the warehouse needs. They can be made to be perfectly fit for pallet sizes which helps optimize the storage capacity of the warehouse.
  • Warranty: One of the major reasons for buying a new pallet racking system is the factory warranty it comes with. Even if your system fails due to any reason, it is covered by the warranty. This is not the case with used pallet racks. If some damage occurs or the system won’t work, then you can contact the manufacturer and fix it.
  • Future Expansion: When you buy new pallet racks directly from the manufacturer, then you have a clear idea with whom you are dealing. This means, for installation, repairs, or maintenance, you need to contact the same people who manufactured it. In this way, you will get your thing done right. As your business expands, you can add or extend the existing racking system at any time by contacting the same manufacturer.

So, would you like to save few bucks and take a chance to invest in a used system or invest in a new quality pallet racking system that will last a lifetime? In short, the more complex and long-term the warehouse fulfillment needs, the more sense it makes to spend for a new pallet racking system. If you are looking for a reliable industry-leading supplier who will offer you a superior storage solution for your warehouse environment, then SPS Ideal Solutions is the right choice. With years of market presence, the company specializes in offering unique and high-quality storage racks for every product.

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