What Essential Factors One Must Consider Before Warehouse Pallet Rack Installation?

A pallet racking system or a set of pallet racks is one of the most significant storage solutions used across industries, especially in distribution centers and warehouses. It doesn’t only store heavy metallic products but also helps organize your warehouse and allows for optimum utilization of the available space. Pallet rack installation in a new or existing facility is not an easy task as it involves several considerations that require attention to detail. Prior to pallet racking system installation, warehouse owners must consider several factors to avoid stockroom mistakes. Would you like to know what they are? This post discusses the aspects one must consider before a warehouse pallet rack installation.

Indispensable Factors to Consider Before Pallet Racking System Installation

The following pointers can be used as a checklist before a pallet rack installation.  

  • Warehouse Layout: The facility storage space is an important consideration before installing a pallet racking system. The size, shape, as well as the height of the warehouse, will determine the types of racks you need. You also need to check for the positioning of doors and windows for optimal storage rack usage. An in-depth analysis of warehouse capabilities against your load requirement may result in improving the warehouse layout and functionality, and its flow process for convenient loading and unloading. The layout has to be such that there is enough space in between aisles for workers to move around safely.
  • Floor Space: A well-designed warehouse pallet rack solution not only maximizes the vertical dimension of your facility but also explores its floor space. For instance, a high bay racking system will increase the vertical capacity of warehouses at a cost-effective rate. It can reach heights up to 40 meters, which is almost doubling the capability offered by other forms of racking systems.
  • Accessibility: Pallet racks are a standard storage solution for all the needs that require immediate access to parts and products. The access you need to your products depends on several factors such as type of goods, the stock rotation and movement, the frequency of loading, unloading, and dispatches, and many more. Planning access to warehouse products seems an obvious step for warehouse designing. If not, then there are possibilities of serious accidents or damage in the warehouse.
  • Strength and Durability: Collapsing of a pallet rack is one of the main causes of warehouse accidents. This may cause injuries to employees as well as damage to the products. These issues may be prevented using durable and robust pallet racks which outweigh the products to be stored on them and have suitable dimensions. It is also important to estimate the approximate weight of the products and the weight capacity of the shelf that you will choose.
  • Safety: Safety is of paramount importance. Therefore, regular inspections are mandatory to avoid storage rack damage. There are many reasons for pallet rack damage, such as the loading method, the weight and shape of the product being stored, and many more. Arranging routine inspections will help identify possible damage before it becomes a serious issue. Also, installing a protective guard will help in such cases. Even after installing appropriate safety guards, it is essential to provide proper training to employees on their usage.
  • Budget: One vital consideration in choosing a pallet rack system is how much it will cost. The expenses could be divided into three areas – the storage system, design, and installation. One may consider low-priced pallet racks to save money, but this may not always work in terms of safety and streamlining. So, it is a good idea to consult an experienced warehouse storage solutions provider who will assist you in the selection of an optimized racking system that fulfills your needs. 
  • Stackable Shipping Racks:  A growing number of companies have opted for using stacking shipping racks as an option for stationary pallet racks.  The shipping racks are used to move the materials from supplier or sister company locations.  Once the racks arrive, they are stacked in the appropriate warehouse space.  The investment is lower and does not require building permits, installation time and related cost.  Connecting with a manufacturer of folding, stacking shipping racks should be considered.
  • All the pallet racking strategies and tips are detailed here. You may want to consider these pointers before installing pallet racks and create an optimized warehouse. Also, you must source these pallet racks from industry-leading manufacturers and suppliers like SPS Ideal Solutions. With years of market presence, the company specializes in manufacturing and designing high-quality and performance-driven storage solutions. Made of durable materials such as stainless steel, these pallet racks can boost the productivity of your warehouse and distribution center.

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