Sustainable Packaging at SPS Ideal Solutions

SPS Ideal Solutions is an environmentally conscious organization, where several processes have been internalized to improve the environment, while reducing the carbon footprint. We constantly update our methodologies to reduce the strain on our environment. Some processes have been improved at an organization level to allow us to deliver a product that is green. It is our constant endeavor to improve processes and materials that aid in improving the environment.

Right from material sourcing, designing, manufacturing, to recycling, SPS’ products ensure sustainability. Through the entire product lifecycle, we ensure minimum carbon footprint be it design, usage, or disposal. All process improvements that help in providing sustainable packaging to clients are listed below in detail.

Methods & Processes that Support Sustainability
At SPS, we employ the following processes to provide our clients with sustainable packaging:

  1. Responsible Material Sourcing
    All of our steel is purchased from sources within the US. All material used is tracked to ensure quality and effective issue resolution , should any problems occur.
  2. Effective Design
    • Our Solid Works CAD program ensures that our designs are using the best combination of steel metal and design elements. As a result, the maximum life of the design and with the minimum life of steel tubing and formed components is taken into consideration. A design is created, which integrates this information delivering a far superior long-lasting product.
    • We have designed shipping racks with easily configurable support designs. Hence, when needs evolve, the design can be changed to match future product designs. This process can be completed at the client location itself.
  3. Energy Efficient Manufacturing Processes
    Manufacturing procedures for our steel shipping racks comprise the best methods for welding:

    1. Effective energy usage is a primary control at our facilities
    2. On site production of O2 (oxygen) helps in the following ways:
      • Reduces cost of operation
      • Reduces the need for tanker truck delivery
      • Saves fuel, reduces highway damage
    3. Work centers are set up with CAD-cut component fixtures for quick assembly. It also helps in positioning of weld placement and ensuring proper penetration.
    4. Robotic welding centers are set up for safe component placement.
    5. Lasers are updated and replaced to maximize energy savings and time required to cut components from flat stock.
    6. Flat steel storage racks are custom built to provide effective and efficient unloading from flatbed trucks. Each gauge and size is stored on removable rack shelves, which are moved to the appropriate laser cut center. This helps in reducing time and increasing accuracy.
  4. Reuse & Recycling
    We use steel to fabricate our shipping and storage racks, as opposed to the traditional option of wood. This ensures longer product life, which helps in reducing waste. This makes the final product more sustainable. Sourcing steel also does not threaten the environment unlike wood. Steel products can be reused and recycled, making them sustainable.

We believe it is our duty to incorporate methods focused on reducing stress on the environment. These methods should be part of our daily lives. SPS Ideal Solutions provides sustainable packaging to help our clients reduce the negative impact on the environment. The entire life cycle of a product developed at SPS has been designed in accordance with the principles of sustainable packaging.

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