How are Stack Racks- Important in Reducing Product Damage?

The main reason for warehouse operations is getting a product to the consumer without any damage. Thus, products and pallets need to be handled with utmost care so as to deliver goods with the best quality. This is where a stack rack comes into the picture. A stack rack helps in storing products in proper order and avoids disorganization.

Advantages of Stack Racks:

There are several reasons why a stack rack is considered as a great solution for businesses and manufacturers. It is used in warehouses, and by businesses as a reliable storage solution. Let us have a look at some of its advantages:

  1. Increases Warehouse Capacity: The more products you can store, the better. With the help of stack racks, the bin capacity is increased by 66 percent. You can now store more products, which in turn will help increase the return on investment.
  2. Reduces Product Damage: If a business needs to do bulk stacking, then stack racks help in reducing crush damage of products. With the help of stack racks, you can protect your loads during shipping and material handling by stacking several units together. By doing this, the load-on-load contact, which affects your shipped product, can be prevented. These racks have the capability to carry even the most difficult-to-handle items safely without any damage.
  3. Lightweight and Portable Containers: One of the biggest advantages of stack racks is that they are extremely lightweight and portable. Because of this, stack racks are often pushed together to organize and display irregularly-shaped objects. Transporting of stack racks is much easier than pallet racks. A large amount of broken down racks can be lifted and stacked with a forklift or pallet jack without any difficulty.
  4. More flexible: As far as stacking is concerned, stack racks are flexible! They let you store products in your warehouse compactly. If you need space, then they can be folded flat and stored elsewhere, allowing you to use the free space for other purposes.

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With the advantages explained above, it is quite clear how stack racks play an important in storing products in an orderly manner. Thus, for any industry or warehouse owner who wants to improve space saving along with protecting their valuable stock, a stack rack is the best solution.