4 Tips to Optimize Warehouse Storage Space

Warehouses are basically used to store excess products, which can be made available for sale in the future. However, it is very important to optimize space used in the warehouse. Nonetheless, if the space is not used efficiently, it can lead to loss of potential revenue. Therefore, it becomes a high-priority task for operations managers to use the warehouse space as efficiently as possible. How can this be done? It is not at all rocket science. This post will discuss some tips on how to save space in a warehouse.

How Can You Efficiently Save Warehouse Space?

Following are the three ways in which you can manage your warehouse space effectively, and make the most out of it:

  1. Have Compact Sectional Doors: The doors at a warehouse play a vital role in space utilization. Using a compact sectional door that folds into a compact pile at the top of the doorway can help in space optimization at a warehouse. This door saves a considerable amount of space, which can be used to store more items or equipment.
  2. Optimize Your Racking: You can save some additional space by optimizing the racking system at your warehouse. There are three options, which you can think of:
    • Tunnel Rack: Use of tunnels racks can help increase the storage space by 5-10%, without consuming the warehouse space. For this, the cross aisles in a warehouse can be converted to racking.
    • Decked Rack: Usage of decked racks or case flow racks can help increase the storage space in a warehouse by 10%.
    • Vertical Utilization: You can increase the storage space by optimizing the vertical storage in the warehouse. When you use around 75% of the vertical space, you can say that the warehouse is well-designed for space saving.
  3. Selecting the Right Aisle Width: The width of the aisle used will decide the amount of space saved in a warehouse. You have three options in aisle width as follows:
    • Wide Aisle: These aisles are used when small product ranges and large order quantities are involved.
    • Narrow Aisle: A narrow aisle helps increase the storage capacity of a warehouse by 10-15%.
    • Very Narrow Aisle: Very narrow aisles can save up to 35% of space in a warehouse, thus providing additional space for storage.
  4. Selecting the Right Storage Option: You can make use of certain storage equipment to save space. Following are a few storage equipment options, which provide efficient storage and helps save space:
    • Suspended Steel Roll Racks: These sturdy steel racks are durable, and can be stacked up to four high. This not only increases the storage capacity, but also saves space.
    • Round Corner Corrugated Steel Containers: These are containers specially designed for heavy industrial applications. They help store small parts, and increase the storage capacity of a warehouse.
    • Foldable and Collapsible Steel Containers: As the name suggests, these containers can be folded and collapsed, when not in use, and thus saving a good amount of space.

These were some tips to help you save space efficiently in your warehouse. The racks and containers explained above can help you save a considerable amount of space and provide a good amount of storage facility. These containers can be availed from different manufacturers and providers. SPS Ideal Solutions is an expert manufacturer of these equipment and has over 30 years of experience in the field. SPS provides customized storage containers to meet diverse storage requirements of its clients.