Things to Consider Before Installing Tire Racks within Your Facility

The pallet racking system is one vital storage equipment used across manufacturing and warehousing units. The main purpose of a pallet rack is to offer safe and efficient storage systems while maximizing the overall warehouse capacity. The increasing demand for advanced storage facilities in small spaces has surged the development of innovative and efficient storage solutions with different specifications, capabilities, and properties, depending on the product. Products such as tires need to be stored considering certain specifications, and hence specialized tire racking systems need to be installed. . It is a specialized racking solution that helps store and stack different types of tires – flat, tread, or laced with ease. As mentioned, it is important to consider a few factors to correctly utilize these racking systems for tire storage. Would you like to know what they are? This post discusses the same. So, stay tuned.

4 Key Factors to Consider for Efficient Tire Racking System

Choosing an efficient racking system for tires involves a wide range of considerations. Here are a few important ones.

  1. Ventilated Space and Temperature: Ventilated storage space is one of the important considerations for efficient tier racking systems. Warehouse temperature & humidity monitoring is another important consideration. Warehouse temperature should not be too low or too high. This is because high temperature can lead to bursting, while the low temperature will affect the tire quality. It is important to maintain an ideal warehouse temperature as required.
  2. Environmental Conditions: The environmental aspect must be taken into the consideration for an efficient tire storage system. Tires should be stored in areas where they are not exposed to UV rays or sunlight.
  3. Chemical Substances: Like other considerations, it is important to keep tires away from chemical substances. This is because lubricants, solvents, and other dangerous chemicals may have a bad impact on the tier quality due to some chemical reactions. Do not keep any chemicals close to your tier racks.
  4. Compression-free Storage: Last but not the least, you must take care of compression forces while storing tiers on storage racks. Applying longitudinal forces or pressure may flatten them or decrease air pressure. Thus, it is important to achieve good compression-free storage when you have tires in your warehouse.

With the above-mentioned storage tips, you can store tires efficiently and safely in your warehouse. Are you planning to buy tire racks for your facility? If yes, then you must employ an industry-leading manufacturer, who will offer innovative designs by considering the overall loading capacity and other important requirements. SPS Ideal Solutions is an industry leader that specializes in designing and manufacturing tire storage racks to fulfill your application needs. With years of industry presence and highly experienced experts, they create customized tire racking units that are easily stackable. They offer different types of tire racks for passenger vehicles, trucks, airplanes, buses, motorcycles, and so on

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