Your Guide to Tringe Corners: How & Why are they Used?

Every year, newer ideas are being implemented for storage of products in a warehouse of different industries. Also, different types of racking solutions have been invented to deliver ease of shipping. This has helped increase the efficiency of storage and shipping. One such great innovation in the racking solution is the tringe corners. Now you might ask, what are tringe corners? Where are they used? Why are they used? To get answers to these questions, please read the following post, which focuses on providing a thorough information about the tringe corners.

What is a Tringe Corner?

Tringe corners are the corners attached to the racks, which help in protecting the products placed on the rack deck from getting damaged, when the racks are stacked. Besides this, you can also fold these corners, which helps in storing more number of racks, when not in use.

What are the Different Ways of Using these Tringe Corners?

These corners can be folded in three different positions to facilitate different applications. Here is how these corners can be used in different ways:

  • Post of the Corners Folded on the Surface of the Deck:

    This allows you to stack and store the racks one above the other, and helps save a lot of space.

  • Corners Folded Outside, Parallel to the Length of the Deck:

    This allows you to load the products easily onto the racks.

  • Corners Placed in Vertical Position:

    This position protects the products stored on the racks from any possible damage during storage or shipping. The vertical corners allow for stacking of loaded shipping racks.

Tringe Corner

Why are Tringe Corners Used on Such a Large Scale?

There are a number of advantages of using these tringe corners, which are basically the reasons why most industries use stackable shipping racks. Here are some major advantages of using these corners:

  1. Reduced Human Efforts:

    As discussed earlier, you can fold the corners in different ways, to allow loading, and unloading of products in the racks. This helps in reducing the human efforts involved, otherwise.


  1. Excellent Flexibility:

    The tringe corners are exceptionally flexible. This is because, they can be used with practically any type of rack. Thus, no matter which type of rack you are using, you can still increase the overall storage and shipping efficiency by these corners.


  1. Reduced Cost of Shipping:

    When the tringe corners are placed in the vertical position, it allows the racks to be placed on top of one another. This helps reduce the overall cost of shipping by a considerable amount.


  1. Ease of Operation:

    Operating the tringe corners is not a rocket science. Any person can operate them easily, without the need of in-depth training. This is yet another reason, which has led to the popularity of these corners.


All the information provided in the post points to one thing that these corners have been of great help to the storage and shipping applications, and have increased the overall efficiency. Today, most industries are using these corners for their requirements. If you are also looking forward to get these systems for your warehouse and shipping applications, then you can contact industry experts, like SPS Ideal Solutions, who have a vast experience in manufacturing custom storage and shipping solutions.

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