Tips for Safe Pallet Racking

If your business includes storage and warehousing operations, then you need proper pallet racking systems to safely store products and components. Improper racking can lead to product damage, physical injuries, and in worst case scenarios, loss of life. How do rack accidents take place?

Are there any steps that can be taken to ensure safe pallet racking? Read on to know more.

Causes of Rack Accidents

There are a few basic reasons for rack accidents. The first is improper installation and use. The second is a lack of maintenance. The third is overloading the racks with products. The fourth reason is impact from lift trucks during product removal operations. Another important reason is that a lot of customers do not understand how to use the racks, and which design will suit their needs.

Pallet Racking Safety Tips

To ensure that racks are used properly and costly accidents are avoided, here are a few safety tips you can keep in mind.

  • Stay within Rack Capacity: This is the most common issue concerning the use of pallet racks. Ensure that you peruse through the features and specifications of the pallet rack. Understand the maximum amount of weight it can handle, and ensure that it is not exceeded. You can execute this by documenting all the items being stored on the rack, as well as their weight.

  • Train Your Workers: Before you begin using the rack, provide proper training to your workers. Let them understand the features of the rack and how to use it. This will reduce the number of accidents in the future.

  • Place the Pallet Evenly: Ensure that your forklift drivers know how to place the pallets evenly on the rack beam. The pallet should be aligned well with the beam, and never overlapping the front or rear edges.

  • Install Guards on your Rack: As the name suggests, guards are protective components placed around areas of the rack that are susceptible to collision. If a forklift hits the structure, the guard absorbs the impact and protects the rack. Adding this component to your rack can reduce the chances of accidents.

  • Replace Damaged Racks: Needless to say, damaged racks need to be replaced as soon as possible. There is a consequence to not replacing them on time. If one beam collapses with items on it, it can cause damage to other product on the rack. Any person standing close to the rack at this time can be severely injured. It is wiser to spend money on replacing a rack than paying for the damages it may cause.

  • Miscellaneous Points: A single point or a combination of these can further reinforce your pallet rack.
    • Use reinforced corners and thicker steel columns to maintain the rack’s durability.
    • In the lower portions of the frame, create tight horizontal spacing to help prevent column failure.

The most important point is to have a regular maintenance schedule and stick to it. Proper and timely maintenance will not only reduce any chances of accidents, but also increase the rack’s service life. Report any damage or problems to the management, and get repairs done as quickly as possible. Understand the repair procedures so that some can be performed in-house.

All these points can help you to keep your pallet racks in the best condition for storage and warehousing.

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