Why You Need Pallet Rack Repair Solutions?

Pallet racks are used in warehouses and engineered to hold high product loads. Each industrial pallet rack component has to meet rigorous quality standards. These standards are designed to ensure that the warehouse rack will perform for designed load applications and specific configurations. However, the pallets may get damaged due to several reasons. Many times small damages can be easily corrected. If ignored for a long time, the damaged racks may lead to severe consequences. This post discusses various types of pallet damages and benefits of pallet rack repair solutions.

Various Types of Pallet Damages You Need to Know About

The following are various types of pallet damages you need to know about:

  • Severe Column Damage
  • Horizontal and Diagonal Strut Damage
  • Foot Plate Damage
  • Anchor Damage
  • Beam Damage or Improper Beam Connectors
  • Overloaded Beams
  • Overloaded Frames
  • Leaning Frames
  • Missing Row Spaces
  • Broken Components

Consequences of Pallet Damages

The consequences of pallet damage depend on the severity of damage. They can be any of the following:

  • Injuries or Death
  • High Fines, Insurance Premiums, and Legal Expenses
  • Business Loss
  • Expensive Replacements and Cleanups

Advantages of Pallet Repair Solutions

Pallet repair solutions are designed and developed by manufacturers or suppliers of industrial pallet racking systems. These repair solutions not only replace or repair damaged components on the pallet racks, but also add extra protection to other components to avoid high damages in the future. Apart from saving money and time, these repair solutions allow you to accrue benefits such as:

  • Conformance to Safety Standards: The safety of pallet racks is being rigorously scrutinized by Federal and State agencies, OSHA, and insurance companies. The regular pallet rack inspection, maintenance, and well-timed repairs will help warehouses save on hefty charges levied by these organizations on failing to maintain safety standards.
  • Avoiding Loss of Work Time: Many advanced rack repair solutions are designed such that they don’t hamper regular working of the pallets, while performing repairs. This means that you don’t have to unload or reload your racks, which may interrupt your daily activities.
  • Expert Intervention is a Time Saver: Most rack repair solutions are managed by skilled professional installers, which means they are aware of industry safety regulations.
  • Free Assessments: Many rack repair service providers will give you free no-obligation rack damage assessments, which will help understand what needs to be done.
  • Monetary Benefits: By conducting proactive maintenance and repairs, you can save on expenses of costly replacements as well as costs of installing, shipping, and purchasing new items.

Hence, pallet rack repair solutions makes sense over replacements, and can help companies achieve desired success. SPS Ideal Solutions, Inc. designs and builds shipping / transportable racks. Should our racks be damaged we offer complete repair services to maintain safe usage in your system. Transportable racks are stackable, thus becoming their own stacked rack storage system.

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