Mobile Racking Systems: Their Functions and Advantages Explained

Nowadays, many businesses are facing ongoing challenges in terms of space efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Space constraints or the lack of storage space is a major challenge to overcome in designing an efficient racking system as well as keep track of materials and documents. A cluttered racking system in a cramped up space may lead to increased downtime and breakages. It may even create safety issues for workers. In spite of all these challenges, it may not always be possible to physically increase the storage area. Freeing up some space may be a quick fix but not a long-term solution. This is where a mobile racking system can be useful for improving accessibility and productivity of your workplace and keep the storage space clutter-free. In this system, the storage racks are mounted onto carriages on motor-driven wheels for better portability. Mobile shelving ensures that only those with authorized access can reach the product. It is safe and convenient for workers in terms of transporting the materials in and out of the warehouse. This post discusses the benefits and working of these movable storage units

How mobile racking systems work?

Initially, mobile racking systems seem complicated, but their adaptable design and unique characteristics make it easy to install and operate. 

• The system comprises moving blocks of racking units, giving you extra space to store essentials.
• This system has a movable base to access multiple shelves by simply entering a single working aisle.
• These motorized bases are electronically powered are guided by rails on the floor.
• For fast aisle access, you can use the push-button control or ergonomic handles to move up to six aisles simultaneously.
• The inbuilt safety system stops the movement of this system if it senses any person or obstacle in its path.
• When not in use, you need to press the rows together until they are closed while keeping some aisles open. It helps keep stored content hidden without sacrificing accessibility.

What Advantages Mobile Shelving Units Offer?

Although mobile racking systems have been around for several years, there are many distribution centers or warehouses unaware of how significantly it can have a positive impact on their operations and costs. Especially in cramped spaces, they offer more benefits compared to a static racking system. The advantages of movable storage containers extend far beyond space-saving. The following are some important ones.

• By utilizing the available space, this storage system increases the maximum shelving capacity to its optimum level. It allows you to capitalize on every square inch of your facility.
• The storage systems are easily customizable in terms of both, the height between individual shelves and the type of materials they store.
• Mobile shelving is equipped with safety devices such as brakes and more which help minimize the risk of damage to stored items or injuries to workers.
• The system also helps organize the documentation. Thus, employees can easily store and retrieve items and enhance productivity.
• The metal shelving system can store a wide variety of goods. Additionally, they can also store athletic equipment, library books, files and records, electronic devices, and more. The possibilities are endless.

Undoubtedly, a static racking system can be an efficient storage solution for many distribution centers and warehouses. But, the unique characteristics of portable racking systems facilitate the optimal use of space and more. With reduced operating times and increased product security, mobile racking systems have become a popular solution. Would you like to buy a movable storage system for your facility, then make sure you source them from a reliable industry leader like SPS Ideal Solution. The company offers high-quality, performance-driven storage solutions for every product.