Importance of Powder Coating in Storage Container Fabrication

Metal storage containers are used in various industries. These containers assure long-term performance and safety of stored goods, and are manufactured in facilities specializing in sheet metal fabrication. There are various steps involved in the sheet metal fabrication process, and finishing is one of them. Finishing helps improve the aesthetic appeal of these storage containers as well as their resistance to environmental elements. Finishing is performed in various ways. For several years, liquid painting was one of the most favored options for metal fabricators of storage containers.

They sprayed solvent-based paints on finished products. However, this method had a few drawbacks, and was time-consuming, too. In the 1950s, chromium finishes and chrome plating gained prominence. These methods were time-consuming as well as expensive. In the 1960s, powder coating was devised by scientists, and it soon became the preferred finishing technique among manufacturers of storage containers. Also, metal coating and powder fabrication has become synonymous in recent years. What makes powder coating different from other coating techniques? Are there any specific advantages offered by powder-coated containers over painted containers? Find out the answers to all such questions within this post.

Before understanding the unique benefits of powder coating, it is important to know how powder coating is performed, and how it works. Liquid paints feature color pigments that are suspended in a solvent base, which is sprayed on metal surfaces. However, powder coating is performed in a dry environment through the electrostatic spray deposition (ESD) process. In this process, a dry powder is actuated with a positive electric charge, and is sprayed on the fabricated metal part at some pressure. Most times, dry powder bases of polyurethane, acrylic, polyester, or epoxy blends are considered for the purpose. The fabricated metal is usually grounded with an opposite negative charge. This technique works on the principle of opposites attract, and electric polarization is initiated, during which dry powder molecules attach to the metal part, thereby coating it. The electric polarization also assures a uniform coating of the paint on these containers. Unlike liquid coating, there are no complexities or challenges involved in this process.

Benefits of Powder Coated Storage Containers

As discussed earlier, storage containers are made using different types of materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. Powder coating is perfect for all these metal types, and deliver many other benefits, too. These benefits are as discussed below:

  • Environment Friendly: How can dry paint be environment-friendly? This might be an obvious question for anyone. The dry powder coatings applied to containers produce no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which make them environment friendly. Hence, the powder coating process produces less hazardous waste than solvent-based coatings. Also, unlike other solvent-based coating techniques, powder coating requires no oven for curing or finishing.

  • Durability: Storage containers are used in a variety of environments from warehouses to temperature-controlled storehouses. At all these places, they are subjected to different thermal conditions, chemicals, radiations, physical collision, and so on. All these may have a damaging effect on storage containers in terms of their durability and aesthetic appeal. This is where powder coating may help. It lends a durable and hard finish to metal surfaces, and helps them withstand adverse conditions with ease. A powder coated container part is resistant to scratching, chipping, and fading.

  • Appearance: Like any other metal product, aesthetic appeal is an important aspect of industrial storage containers, too. Uniform coating of paint on these containers improve their reflection under light, which improves their aesthetics, visibility, and creates a unique feeling in the minds of a forklift driver or a product handler. Nowadays, warehouse managers are adopting various types of powder coating designs including semi-gloss, high gloss, and matte finishes to improve aesthetics of containers. Sometimes, glitter and metal flakes are also added to dry paint to improve their visual appeal. In addition to all these, a wide range of specialty effects can be achieved on the container in comparison to other painting processes. Powder coated racks retain their gloss and charm for a long time.

  • Uniformity: Powder coated containers have smooth, yet uniform appearance throughout the body. The application of solvent-based paints brings challenges in the form of imperfections such as dust bumps, insects, bubbles, and so on. All these can be easily eliminated in powder coating, which assures imperfections-free appearance.

  • Corrosion Resistance: Most metal containers are susceptible to rusting because they are used in moisture-laden environments. They may be subjected to rain, sleet, snow, hail, as well as water exposure and humidity. Powder coating ensures uniformity throughout the body of the container, so there are no open pores through which moisture can seep in. This helps improve corrosion resistance of the container.

  • Color Matching: Powder coated racks can be availed in custom colors. Dry pigments are available in various colors, and they can be easily matched with brand colors. This color matching helps improve the brand recognition, and lends aesthetic appeal to the rack. Businesses can make bold color statements by utilizing powder coated racks and containers.

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