5 Simple Tips to Prevent Industrial Rack Damage

Storage racks are essential and are used in almost every industry, especially in warehouses. No matter what kind of industrial storage you prefer for your facility, safety is always a top priority when it comes to protecting your inventory or storage racks. It cannot be overlooked or compromised upon. If your storage racks are not of the appropriate material or get excessively loaded, they may collapse and cause damage to the property and risk the life of workers. Here are some tips that may help prevent your storage racks from damage or failure.

Prevent Storage Rack Damage with These 5 Simple Safety Tips
If you want to avoid any racks-related disaster at your facility then consider these five essential prevention tips.

  1. Choose Appropriate Racks: There are different types of racks available in the market, from selective to high-density ones. You have to choose an appropriate rack for your facility as per your requirements. Proper analysis of the rack design against your load requirement will help ensure that your storage system meets all the safety standards. Selection of the storage racks depends on various factors such as the number of units being stored in the rack, material handling method, and the area in which you are using it. It’s not enough to simply consider the weight and dimensions of the product or how the loads are configured on the rack. You also need to consider how fast your product turns or how frequently you need to take it off the shelf. For instance, a warehouse with a higher inventory turnover will require more durable racking system than a lower turnover warehouse. More to this consideration, the storage racks should meet the seismic requirements of the area in which it is located.

  2. Provide Proper Space: Proper space planning and placement play an important role in storage rack usage. So, it is important that your warehouse offers wide enough space for workers to safely pass the units and complete their loading tasks effectively. Also, instruct your workers to keep aisle or corridor ways free of improperly stored items.

  3. Install Protecting Guards: This is one of the important aspects when it comes to storage rack safety. Installing protective guarding is helpful in protecting both your inventory as well as workers. Even if you installed safety guards, make sure to guide or train your workers on their usage and monitor them for potential damage.

  4. Maintain Usage and Training Program: One of the easiest ways to prevent your storage racks from damage is to train your workers on how to properly or safely load as well as remove the items from racks. The proper training program will help to perform the task more efficiently than ever.

  5. Proper Inspections for Damage: The storage racks are damaged due to a number of causes such as loading method, the weight of the items being stored, and so on. So, it is important to inspect your rack as well as attached guard panel, and replace or repair them as needed. Conducting regular inspections help identify potential damage before it becomes a costly issue. Also, repairing work might hassle you, but it’s still faster as well as economical than replacing entire storage racks.

Thus, implementing all the above tips with a little careful planning help in preventing your industrial storage racks from potential damage, also letting you minimize unnecessary expense and risk of life. Are you looking for such a supplier who will offer you the best storage solution for your facility? SPS Ideal Solutions offers unique movable storage racks for most every product.The company prides itself in its capabilities to create storage solutions for their clients at an affordable price.