General Information on Roll Raptor Racks

In warehouses and manufacturing facilities, storing paper or plastic roll bundles was once considered as a complicated task. Improper stacking often caused crushing the edges or causing any other potential damage due to extreme temperatures and humidity. However, these problems have been resolved with the invention of roll handling racks. Roll Raptor is one of the types of roll shipping/handling racks, which is designed and ruggedly manufactured for loading, positioning, and securing both plastic and paper rolls of varying widths and sizes. This post, provides some general information pertaining to this patented, and user-friendly and easy-to-use roll stacking solution from SPS Ideal Solutions.


Roll Raptor Racks

An Introduction to Roll Raptors TM

The following are the basic, yet crucial information one should know before purchasing Roll Raptor:.

  • These racks have steel components, which are designed on solid works, and are produced with high tolerance lasers. These units are commonly designed similar to a puzzle piece for strong interlocking and structural integrity.
  • These units are manufactured from steel. This high-quality construction assures their durability when installed in application areas prone to harsh chemicals, volatile substances, and extreme weather conditions.
  • The racks are electrically powder coated using lead-free epoxy/polyester powder for extreme corrosion resistance.
  • These racks need minimal inspection and maintenance.
  • Roll Raptors are available in custom designs like “U” shaped welded assembly to holds core of the rolled material to prevent shifting when banded. Also, it can be customized with non-slip and “U” frames to prevent the loads from slipping when stacked.
  • These roll dispenser racks are available in collapsible design, which helps a user to collapse, and store it properly when not in use.

Forget about traditional wooden racks that are associated with several performance issues in terms of breakage and limited stacking ability. Instead, choose these stainless stacks that are stackable, sturdy, and safely store bundles of paper and plastic rolls of varying dimensions.