Engine Racks - Possible Damages Outlined!

Engine racks play a crucial role in the automotive market. They are heavily relied on for transporting automotive engines from the manufacturer's warehouse to the facility of automotive manufacturers for the final assembly.

Considering the demanding nature of their applications, these racks are built ruggedly using quality tested raw materials. Although engine racks are robustly engineered, they are prone to damage over years of service.

The goal of this blog is to throw some light on the possible damages that may hit your engine racks.

Possible Damages

Your engine racks may collapse if it is exposed to any of the following damages.

  • Anchor Damage– Missing, broken, or loose anchors will affect the performance and efficacy of engine racks. The damage must be detected at the earliest stage to prevent unanticipated incidents.
  • Column Damage – Damage under and above beam level, behind beam connector, ripped column, and outrigger damage are common when it comes to engine racks.
  • Strut Damage – Over years of usage without proper maintenance, your engine racks may show signs leading to failure, such as broken diagonal welds, missing braces, braces with rips, tears or deflection. Roll formed horizontal strut damage, roll formed closed tube horizontal strut damage, etc. are some of the possible damage that affect the efficacy of your engine racks.
  • Beam Damage– Loose, damaged or missing fasteners, and rusting of beams are common problems affecting the operational excellence of engine racks.

Other than the aforementioned damages, the below listed are common factors that affect the durability and performance of engine racks.

  • Missing or damaged component
  • Damaged Footplate
  • Broken/ torn components
  • Corroded beam connectors, fasteners, and frames

Don’t Wait Until it is Too Late

Daily use, neglect, and careless storage adversely affect engine racks, leading to aforementioned damages. Due to a busy schedule, you may overlook the need of safeguarding these storage racks. However, the extent of the catastrophe in case of a collapse, is beyond imagination.

Hence, it is recommended to check the entire assembly from time to time. Ensure that every part is checked and inspected for corrosion, missing or damaged parts.

In case the parts are found faulty, provide appropriate repairs. If the damage is beyond repair, get it replaced immediately. This helps you ward off unanticipated collapse, which may lead to severe injury, loss of life and damage to property.

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