Econo Roll Raptor: 3 Reasons Why It's the Industry Favorite

The Econo Roll Raptor' is designed for use in the shipments of suspended rolled materials. Econo Roll Raptor functions as the shipper and stackable warehouse storage system. Developed as a cost effective replacement for traditional wood based suspended end boards and pallets. This pioneering product developed by SPS Ideal Solutions helps organizations reduce possible personal injury, costs, as well as increasing productivity. The Econo Roll Raptor is poised to become the next new standard.

The Many Benefits of Using the Econo Roll Raptor’

The Econo Roll Raptor’ offers the following beneficial features:

  1. The Return Crate

A return crate is used in conjunction with the Econo Roll Raptor’ to allow for improved handling of Econo Raptor’s end panels. The ‘Return Crate’ allows end panels to be stored vertically at an angle allowing for ergonomic operation. Each panel is held individually. A space of 0.5″│ is maintained between each panel, which frees up space allowing the user to handle the rolls easily. With these additional features, the user does not need to bend repetitively. Hence, injuries caused by repetitive bending are avoided. This helps improve employee health, and as an extension his/ her productivity.

  1. Interlocking Tabs

When stacking empty industrial roll pallets, they need to be secured from the outside to ensure their stability. Straps or stretch wraps are used to accomplish this. SPS Ideal Solutions has developed an interlocking tab, which is integrated with Econo Roll Raptors’ pallet to ensure stability. These interlocking tabs are welded onto the top deck corners of the Econo Roll Raptor’ pallets. The stacked pallets form a neat, secure unit ready for shipping.

  1. The No-Wood Design

SPS Ideal Solutions does not use a single part made of wood in any of their racks. This minor change has had major consequences. For example, the structural integrity of this rack is much higher than that of racks with wooden parts. The cost of leasing/ buying SPS- racks compared to leasing/ buying of wooden racks is much lower. Other than the lower upfront cost, SPS- steel racks are much easier to operate and maintain. Costs associated with operation, maintenance, and replacement of wooden racks are much higher as well. This has led to the wide popularity of all of SPS- racks especially the Econo Roll Raptor.

The Econo Roll Raptor along with the several beneficial features has helped people on an individual as well an organizational level to overcome loss of effort and cost. This product has been intelligently designed keeping in mind the needs of individuals, related machinery, and organizations at every step of the material handling process. The constant popularity of all other SPS Ideal Solutions- products is surpassed only by the fame and quick adoption of Econo Roll Raptor.

return-crateRETURN CRATE

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