Customized Racking Solution- The Need for the Day

Having a proper storage in a warehouse goes a long way in deciding the life of the products stored. Thus, every industry has started focusing more on how to improve, or optimize their ware house storage. The solution is simple - having a warehouse with several racks of different types, and capabilities. There are many suppliers and manufacturers of racks and other storage containers, which can provide you a wide range of readymade racks. However, in some scenarios, the products to be stored have sizes and shapes that do not match those of the racks. What is the solution in this case, you may ask. Intrigued to know? Read the following post.

The Need for Getting the Racks or Containers Customized

It is not always that a manufacturing company is required to store items of the same size in its warehouse. The size of the items to be stored can vary from small to large. So, what is the issue? Here it is, if you have storage racks of a fixed size that are incapable of holding large products, then how are you planning to store these products?

Consider another scenario. You want to transport the products with racks to different location. Say, for example, the size of the product is smaller. In this case, there are chances that while transporting these racks, the products will move and hit the wall of the vehicle. Thus, one solution could be using the dunnage, which can stop your product racks from moving. The other solution is getting the racks customized based on the size and weight of the products that they hold.


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How Can You Get Your Racks & Storage Containers Customized?

Getting the storage racks is not that difficult or complicated at all. Answering a few questions and providing the required information to the manufacturer is just what is required from you. SPS Ideal Solutions is one of the leading rack manufacturers in the US. The company can design custom racks based on the following information that you provide:

  1. The drawing, or pictures of the warehouse.
  2. Information about the total area of the warehouse
  3. The shelving size provided in length*width*height format
  4. The number of racks required in the warehouse
  5. Number of layers required for every rack
  6. Total loading capacity of every layer
  7. Color of the rack you want
  8. The structure of the racks required

What Different Types of Racks Can You Get Customized from SPS Ideal Solutions?

There is a huge variety of racks that you can get customized from SPS Ideal Solutions, depending on your requirements. Here are some rack types that the company can custom design for you:

Sometimes, it is considered to be an ideal option to get the storage solutions customized instead of buying them readymade. All the racks manufactured at SPS Ideal Solutions undergo stringent FEA testing process, which ensures the product quality, and hence reliability. The manufacturer employs a completely automated systems, which helps reduce the lead times. In addition to all this, the use of high capacity laser systems and CNC machinery, the racks are manufactured with maximum precision.

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